Construction Management Software for Project Visibility & Scalability

Cloud Based Construction Management Software

Before we actually jump into the topic, people would always say construction is a complicated business. For the construction business, there are many software packages in the market generally called Construction Software, ERP for Construction, and Construction Management Software.

 What is construction management software? 

Construction management software is an integrated tool built for specific workflows of builders,  general contractors, and construction managers with features including collaboration, construction project monitoring, data analytics, and reporting tools, all at one place, on both web and mobile.

A good construction management software should have features such as information sharing, reports for collaborative decision-making, budget management, RFI handling, progress report tracking, and more.

Significance of construction management software:

Construction management software pulls up data from various predefined sources on multiple processes including contract development, job costing, resource planning, budget forecasting, productivity tracking & analysis, document & change order management, customer management, and compliance to standards or processes. Usually tailored to be modular in the architectural approach and configured to suit specific business needs, a construction management software suite can help builders and contractors maximize profit margins and optimize operations effectively.

Construction management software for project visibility:

Mobile-based construction management software is designed for the field, making it convenient for everyone involved to understand what needs to get done on a daily basis and eliminate clutter and rework as a result.

Closing the communication gap or lag is a vital step towards enhancing project visibility. First, Construction management software cleanly captures and disseminates all project communication with access to only assigned individuals so that no one is left out of the communication loop. Rest assured, you can stay at peace as all the project’s stakeholders and sponsors will have access to the latest updates in a centralized location and in a format that prompts them to make timely decisions proactively. Information logs automatically generated presents the complete project story.

Construction management software for scalability: 

The scalability in construction management software for builders and contractors ensures that even small and medium-sized builders and contractor firms can expand the scope of their operations without having to look for replacement technology stack. 

Technology plays a key role in improving performance and scalability. It also extends further than many people imagine. Whether it lives on the web or runs locally on your PC or mobile computing device (smartphone, tablet), Construction management software can be had to help you in many aspects of construction management:

  • Inbuilt Document Management System for Sharing Designs
  • Share and Export Reports
  • Seamless Integrations with SAP, Oracle Primavera, MS Projects, etc
  • Vendor Portal for RFQs and Subcontractor Management
  • Machinery Utilisation Vs Idle Tracking
  • Automatic JCR – Job Cost Report
  • Overheads and Cost to Completion Projections

That is why selecting a robustly built construction management software suite like Tactive can give any construction firm the head start required to creating strong customer values. It offers builders an integrated solution that helps them to make tenders & bids, procure materials and equipment, hire employees, and keep up with the latest industry trends and technology.

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