Construction Project Management Software - Tactive

Construction Project Program Management, Monitor Subcontractors, Raise Client Bills and Vendor Bills, Monitor Monthly Job-Cost Reports

Map BOQ and Internal cost codes, create work-break-down structures (WBS) and Labour, Material, Plant (LMP) costs for each activity, compare actuals vs zero based budgets and schedules, integrate with Oracle Primavera or MS Projects, monitor project progress and spends using Job-Cost-Reports.

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Tactive Project Management Module

Processes at a glance
  • Detailed rate analysis against BOQs by importing excel sheets into software
  • Define direct & in-direct cost structures
  • Plan for accrued and deferred expenses
  • Integration with MS Projects or Oracle Primavera for scheduling and monitoring
  • Clone WBS from other projects and create for current projects
  • Maintenance of contractual terms as attributes to remind during and after project completion
  • Vendor selection based on RFQ responses
  • Subcontractor work orders, material supply agreements and recovery & contract term definitions
  • Measurement log sheet entry for subcontractor
  • Material issue & Recovery, Bill preparation & Certification & reconciliation with client bills
Documents / Reports
  • Project Cost Abstract
  • Activity-specific Cost Analysis
  • Resource Schedule
  • Billing Schedule
  • Subcontractor Work Order Status
  • Material Recovery Statement
  • Work order issue and completion status report
  • Payment status by work order or subcontractor
  • Advance and recovery status for subcontractors
  • Work order rate comparison done by different subcontractors for the same activity
  • Rate comparison from the same subcontractor for the same activity in different projects or periods
  • Comparison of Work Order with the client invoices
  • BOQ Amendment History
  • Month wise Procurement Plan
Construction Project Management Process
  • Monitor project’s zero based schedule and compare with actual site progress.
  • Import BOQ (Bill of Quantity) items from excel files and create cost codes for each activity/item.
  • Have multiple Activity-codes/ Cost-codes for each BOQ item and vice versa.
  • Setup and control indirect costs and overheads as a separate cost codes.
  • Estimate overshoot project expenditure based on actual work completion timelines.
  • Clone cost working (WBS) for activities from your previous projects.
  • Update the Internal / External details of the project as amendment.
  • Maintain contract terms as editable attributes for future control and set reminders (eg. Retention money, Mobilisation Advance, Client-Supply of material, etc).
  • Remind client terms automatically during billing and after the project is completed (eg. Bill cycle, Defect liability period, Bank guarantees, Bonus payment claims).
  • Re-allocate resources effectively for each project based on need and actual progress histogram.
  • Capture and monitor rework at sites and do client billing for the same
  • Monitor progress vs billed quantity variation for material, labour and machinery.
  • Identify unused material and control wastage at sites.
  • Manage Client change requests and amendments with multi-level approvals.
  • Keep the entire team updated with custom reports and project status dashboards.
  • Integrate with the Subcontractor module and Material Management module.
  • Reconcile material, labour and machinery usage at defined intervals to get project spending back on track.
  • Provide for accrued and deferred expenses such as utility and insurance payments.
  • Update the hindrance details against Schedule with types of Internal, Natural and Client Hindrance.
  • Update the detail description of client observations and further action details for followup.
  • Capturing adhoc / unplanned expenditure without budget reference for later reconciliation.
  • Onboard subcontractors and store the documents with qualification criteria.
  • Filter and screen subcontractors according to the type of work item and, past performance and other criteria.
  • Centrally create RFQs to subcontractors for Service Initiation.
  • Generation, Comparison of Quotations and finalisation of Work Orders for subcontractors.
  • Terms as editable attributes for work orders and reminders of terms during closure and payment.
  • Work progress and log update of actual work done for each work order and cost code.
  • Create subcontractor bills periodically with reference to log sheet and certification of work done.
  • Generate the advice based on payment terms for work orders.
  • Release of Retention for Subcontractors as terms and reminders.
  • Part Rate and With Held in bills for Subcontractors and release it on consecutive bills.
  • Billing of taxation for subcontractors.
  • Auto account passing with reversal JV or credit/debit note JV.
  • Accounts payables alert for subcontractors based on terms and aging analysis.
  • Closing of Work Order after partially working completion or before the work started.
  • Reconciliation feature to verify actual work done vs invoices raised by the subcontractor.
  • Reconciliation and variance analysis feature to verify client invoice, subcontractor invoice.
  • Material supply and recovery for work orders as terms and reminders.
  • Auto debit for material and machinery recovery feature from payables for work orders.
  • Advance payments for subcontractors and reconciliation for work orders.
Key Reports
JCR – Job Cost Report

Gives an overall snapshot of all projects income vs expenditure. Shows Original Estimate, Revised estimate, Actuals incurred, Balance, Variance and Projected closure numbers with weighted adjustments for actual quantity.

Project cost abstract

Overall snapshot of each project’s income vs expenditure and contribution of material, labour, machinery and overheads in the expenditure. Has drill down facility to go to the last level work item to understand in depth for review.

Hindrance Register

Overall snapshot of each project’s nature of hindrance and duration.

Schedule Report

Overall snapshot of each project’s progress of plan vs actual.

Client Observation Status

Overall snapshot of each project’s Client Observation description, action details, status and follow-up details.

Overdue tasks

Overall snapshot of each project’s list of tasks that are overdue.

Sample Screenshots