Construction Procurement Software

Purchase Management for Construction Sites, Centralised Procurement Operations, Purchase Requests and Approvals, - Closely Linked with Material Management Module.

  • Centrally manage all material, equipment or machinery purchases using the procurement management module.
  • Issue RFQs to vendors using Vendor Portal and purchase based on vendor quotations.
  • This is tightly integrated with Payables, taxes and related legal compliances.
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Construction Procurement Software Module

Processes at a glance
  • Procurement operations (control & escalation ) based on the project plan
  • Additional purchase approvals for project plan overrides
  • Purchase centre management for multiple projects
  • Trip sheet bookings for aggregates
  • Project plan controlled issues management
  • Debit accounting for pieceworkers & subcontractors
  • Site-specific stock management
Documents / Reports
  • Material purchase price trends and vendor comparison
  • Supplier wise purchase details comparison for the same material
  • Item wise purchase details comparison for material from the same supplier
  • Requisition Tracking
  • Comparative Statement
  • Vendor Rating
Construction Procurement Management Process
  • Place Material/Plant requests from project sites.
  • Have approval levels for materials, and get it done through mobile app.
  • Centralised purchase team management for materials and consumables.
  • Centrally create RFQs to vendors for Material Purchase Initiation.
  • Upload or capture quotations and generate comparison statements for materials for purchase operations.
  • Issue Purchase/Hire Orders centrally with editable terms and conditions along with Amendment.
  • Decision making of requested Materials to go with the purchase Order/Hire Order/Cash Purchase or extension of own material Transfer/Machineries.
  • Create RFQs to vendors and get replies through vendor portal.
  • Generate comparative statements of Quotations from different vendors and choose right supplier.
  • Compare quotations with earlier ones given by same vendor for different work activities, locations or periods
  • Procurement operations integrated with finance and accounts payables.
Sample Screenshots