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Industry Specific

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Scale your productivity and grow your business with the industry’s best ERP tool. Experience the difference in new-gen construction management software, built by domain experts with years of research and development.


Cloud-based operations enable our constuction management system to accommodate companies of any size.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application enables real-time data communication and remote location monitoring.

Integrated Platform

Rather than linking random software to perform different tasks, we offer a single integrated tool to serve the purpose.

Benefits by Role

  • View on the region or sector-specific tender success ratio and lost-bid analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of Profitability, Budget Variance and Job Cost Report
  • A comprehensive view of inventory status and asset utilisation
  • Monitoring human resources, salary flow and revenue ratios
  • Keep track of upcoming projects
CFO/Finance Head
  • Fund utilisation tracking across divisions/sector/region/projects
  • Analysis of previous cash flow and forecasting future cash flow structure
  • Track over salary rollout, administration expenditure and overheads for each project
  • Monitor payables and receivables, including the ageing report
  • Quick view on utilisation status for bank guarantees/letters of credit
Regional Heads/Project Managers
  • Overview of project status and material availability
  • Real-time track on change requests, scope revision and approval status
  • Fine comparison of the plan and actual status of the project
  • Stay reminded of unbilled activities and receivable status from each client
  • A quick study on critical issues constraints, and client queries about all projects
Procurement Head/Purchase Managers/Equipment Managers
  • Identification of idle stock/equipment and allocation to required sites
  • RFQs creation and management of vendor rating and relationship
  • Conduct ABC analysis of inventory and keen analysis of high-value items
  • Operation tracking and demand identification of equipment at scheduled sites
  • Scheduling of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment
Budget/Execution/Scheduling Teams
  • Easy creation and quick submission of responses to budget enquiries
  • Simple project tracking and scheduling through Integration with MS Projects and Oracle Primavera
  • Create and track cost or activity code from BOQ
  • Facilitates usage of inbuilt templates for rate analysis and creating project BOQs
  • A detailed study on failed tenders through lost-bod analysis


Appreciation from Industry Leaders


With profound industry experience and expertise, the Tactive leadership sets value and realistic goals for the company

Can the Tactive construction management system integrate with other software to facilitate seamless business operations? If yes, how difficult or easy are these integrations?

Yes, our construction management system is designed to facilitate two-way integration seamlessly with other software solutions. The integration process is made convenient through APIs, ensuring smooth data exchange between two platforms. 

The Tactive ERP for the construction industry comes with robust reporting tools that offer a variety of standard reports. Additionally, you can generate custom reports tailored to your specific project needs. This flexibility allows you to extract and analyse project data in a way that suits your reporting requirements.

Our construction estimating software aids in the estimation process by providing tools for accurate cost estimation, resource planning, and budget management. It streamlines the estimation workflow, helping you create reliable project estimates and budgets.

Tactive project management software for construction encompasses a wide range of project management capabilities, including project planning, scheduling, budget management, document control, collaboration tools, and more. It is designed to support the entire project lifecycle from initiation to completion.

Yes, the Tactive construction ERP software is mobile-friendly, allowing site and field teams to access and update project information on the go.

Two-way integration with MS project/Primavera, seamless biometric integration, alert via mobile and email, multi currency and multi-lingual, document management system, project dashboard with S-curve, role based approvals, budget vs actual, stock ageing and utilisation, material reconciliation, equipment or asset monitoring, job-costing and outturn reports.

Online inspection of work progress, control on deviation from budget and time, optimal utilisation and control over 5Ms, attain maximum productivity, better visibility of bottom and top lines, accountability of expenses,

Effective project dashboards, material reconciliation, budget vs actuals, stock ageing, S-curve, resource schedule, equipment utilisation, fuel consumption analysis, out-turn report, job cost report, stock report.

Challenges in the construction industry include difficulties in job-wise costing reporting, managing planned versus actual variances, struggling with timely tender preparation, delays in receiving Management Information System (MIS) reports, lack of control over expenses, and ensuring execution aligns with the initial plan.

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  • Site Investigation 
  • Simplified Billing System
  • Sub-Contractor Performance Tracking
  • Ideal Material Utilisation 
  • Stock Ageing Analysis
  • Equipment Productivity & Maintenance
  • Job wise costing Analysis

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