Integrated Finance and
Accounts Management

Work in-line with the accouting standards of construction organisations and experience the integrated payable,
receivable and tax management in addition to the bank management, credit facility and MIS report.

How it works


Subledgers Concept and Role Types Concept

Map the entities master/resource master against respective ledgers with our sub-ledger process. Avoid the dupication of entuty name registration in the product with various roles and get the consolidated statement of one respective entity with various role of business associates.

Multiple Company Chart of Accounts

Multiple Company Chart of Accounts

Employ our system to fetch multiple companies chart of accounts to arrive at group companies' reports.

Integrated Payables

Integrated Payables

Reduce the impact of other department transaction on the finance, as they get passed as automatic JV based on the configurations like - supplier payables, labour payables, salary payables and taxation payables by refereing the orders (purchase or work order etc.).

Bank Management

Prepare the bank payment/receivable vouchers, directly or by refering the respective single or multiple payment requests. Do the bank reconciliation process in our system on periodic basis to reconcile the bank ledger. Import the bank statement from Excel/PDF to ERP for reconciliation process.

Integrated GST TDS

Employ our system to define the tax slab against the country and tax value, alongside the process integration with project transaction.


Handle the multi-currency transaction with ease by using our currency convertion on current rate.


Tactive Exclusive

Our User-Friendly Screens and Insightful Reports

Have the best view of your project data and take quick decisions with real-time reports


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Is Tactive construction finance and accounting modules interconnected?

The finance and accounts module is integrated, and works closely with other modules, and eases the work of the finance team and helps in decision making.

The Finance and Accounts module of our construction ERP software includes a range of financial management functionalities, including cost accounting, invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, expense tracking, MIS, financial reporting, tax compliance management, bank guarantee and letter of credit. It ensures comprehensive control and visibility into your company’s finances.

Yes, Tactive  construction finance software supports multi-currency transactions.

The Finance and Accounts module aids in budget management by providing tools to create, monitor, and control project budgets within the limit along with order tracking capability.

The Tactive construction finance software includes features to address compliance and regulatory requirements specific to the construction industry. It helps in managing tax obligations, adhering to accounting standards, and generating financial reports that comply with regulatory guidelines.

Yes, Tactive construction ERP software is designed to integrate seamlessly with external accounting systems. This ensures consistency in financial data across the organisation and facilitates easy collaboration with external accounting systems.

The Tactive construction finance software provides a variety of financial reports, including bank reconciliation, trial balance, cash / fund flow, balance sheet, fixed asset, Project MIS report, payable and receivable, ageing analysis, expenses booked vs paid vs balance payables, etc.

Yes, Tactive construction ERP software is designed to be compliant with industry-specific accounting standards relevant to the construction sector. It ensures that your financial processes adhere to the required standards, providing accuracy and reliability in financial reporting.

Absolutely. The Tactive construction accounting software facilitates efficient tracking and management of project expenses by offering features such as expense tracking, cost allocation, and real-time expense reporting. This ensures that you have a detailed and accurate overview of project-related expenditures.

Tactive construction ERP software’s Finance and Accounts module includes functionalities for managing vendor payments and accounts payable. It streamlines the payment approval process, tracks outstanding invoices, and provides visibility into cash flow, ensuring timely and accurate vendor payments.

Yes, the Tactive construction finance software includes forecasting tools that allow you to generate financial forecasts for construction projects. It also helps in arriving at the theoretical value, proposal prediction through JCR based on real data.

Security is a top priority. Tactive construction ERP system employs robust security measures, including encryption protocols, user and role wise view of data and  access controls, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your financial data.

Yes, Tactive construction accounting software includes audit trail functionality, allowing you to track and monitor changes to financial transactions. This feature enhances transparency and accountability, providing a detailed history of financial activities for auditing purposes.

Yes, Tactive construction management system offers an option called petty cash management, where the funds provided to site managers for emergency expenses can be recorded and alerts can be sent to the accounts team for reimbursing the expenditure.

Yes, the Tactive construction management system offers a bank guarantee and LC option.

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