Equipment Management

Procurement, Operation and
Maintenance of Equipment

Get an overview and control over the equipment mobilisation activities,
daily-based operation activities and maintenance processes.

How it works


Equipment Maintenance

Handle the preventive and corrective maintenance process of individual systems with our equipment management system, loaded with standard checklist masters available for individual equipment as per manufacturer standards. Define preventive maintenance schedule for individual equipment with respect to duration-based or running-based parameters. Get automated alerts based on a preventive maintenance schedule for regular maintenance. Avail the option to raise the internal procurement request / Job Card for spares/service required for maintenance.

Equipment Masters

Equipment Masters

Get digital assistance to capture equipment role, attributes, dimensions and component details and define the Automatic Equipment ID based on self-configuration. Employ our system to capture standard planned hours, standard fuel consumption, standard productivity of individual equipment, and also the spare details against individual equipment as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Usage Log

Usage Log

Capture equipment-wise running hours on daily basis, through our log entry screen enabled to record worked hours, idle hours and maintenance hours.

Equipment Movements

Avail our options to record the receipt of new equipment from the vendor and also capture the receipt and return of hired equipment. Our system also enables you to capture the transfer of equipment between internal projects, along with spares assisted by a checklist system.

Fuel Consumption

Our system has the provision to capture the fuel consumption data against individual equipment along with the fuel tank capacity, opening tank quantity and closing tank quantity of the day.

Statutory Document Control

Get an automated alert on renewal and expiry as our system keeps capturing the key dates of statutory and legal complaints.


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