construction bugeting software

Prepare a Realistic Zero-Cost Budget
and Project Schedule

Create a pragmatic zero-based budget and schedule resources for the project using
standard templates or copying from the old projects.

How it works


Multiple Revisions on Budget and Schedule

Do 'n' number of revisions to your budget and schedule, and our system keeps a record of the entire revision history.

Detailed WBS Preparation

Detailed WBS Preparation

Prepare a multi-level WBS based on the BOQ, considering the project nature and execution method.

Definition of Project IDC and Shared IDC

Definition of Project IDC and Shared IDC

Our system enables you to define the indirect cost about to incur and also the shared IDC or particulars.

Simple and Complex Resource Definition

Run a system-enabled rate analysis with sub-activity breakup against the scope.

MS Projects and Primavera Integration

Do a Bothway integration of the entire project schedule from MS Projects or Primavera with a single click.

Overhead Distribution to WBS

Distribute the cost of a particular task to any or all of its subsequent activities or material.

Monthly Budget Preparation

Generate the monthly provision from the zero-cost budget and drill down to the daily plan.


Tactive Exclusive

Our User-Friendly Screens and Insightful Reports

Have the best view of your project data and take quick decisions with real-time reports


With profound industry experience and expertise, the Tactive leadership sets value and realistic goals for the company

Can we make changes to the budget and schedule plan?

You can do any number of revisions to your budget and schedule. The change request feature of the Tactive construction management system allows for changes which are raised by the internal team or from the client side, which is further proceeded to approval and then, the changes are made. The system also keeps a record of the entire revision history.

Yes, Tactive construction ERP software allows two way integration of the budgeting software with other softwares like MS-Projects, Primavera, etc.,

The key features to look for in construction budgeting software include BOQ upload, budget creation and management, resource planning and working, Work breakdown structure, rate analysis, project cost tracking, forecasting and analytics, feature to link the cost and timeline and tracking revisions.

The Tactive construction management system is enabled to perform data copying from the tender or from previous projects. This helps to quicken the rate analysis job.

Not necessarily. Standard templates can be created and recorded for future use in similar budgeting tasks in the Tactive construction ERP software.

Yes, the project costing and timeline can be seen through the dashboard and relevant detail can be seen including the fund flow, S-curve planning, plan vs actual and project progress. These aspects can also be seen through the reports.

Project control settings, Item wise or project wise budget control, can be done with Tactive construction ERP software.

Yes, Tactive construction management software enables project-wise or item-wise budget control.

The Tactive construction management software enables to set a timeline for each activity. And the system provides an option to link the schedule and cost. Thus, the cash/fund flow can be automatically generated. This empowers the management or finance team to have real-time visibility on the cash/fund flow.

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