Prepare a Realistic Zero-Cost Budget
and Project Schedule

Create a pragmatic zero-based budget and schedule resources for the project using
standard templates or copying from the old projects.

How it works


Multiple Revisions on Budget and Schedule

Do 'n' number of revisions to your budget and schedule, and our system keeps a record of the entire revision history.

Detailed WBS Preparation

Detailed WBS Preparation

Prepare a multi-level WBS based on the BOQ, considering the project nature and execution method.

Definition of Project IDC and Shared IDC

Definition of Project IDC and Shared IDC

Our system enables you to define the indirect cost about to incur and also the shared IDC or particulars.

Simple and Complex Resource Definition

Run a system-enabled rate analysis with sub-activity breakup against the scope.

MS Projects and Primavera Integration

Do a Bothway integration of the entire project schedule from MS Projects or Primavera with a single click.

Overhead Distribution to WBS

Distribute the cost of a particular task to any or all of its subsequent activities or material.

Monthly Budget Preparation

Generate the monthly provision from the zero-cost budget and drill down to the daily plan.


Tactive Exclusive

Our User-Friendly Screens and Insightful Reports

Have the best view of your project data and take quick decisions with real-time reports

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