Application for Alert System and Utilization of Idle Stock in URCC

Case Study - URCC

Brief Summary of the Client

URC Constructions is a leader and trendsetter in the construction industry, delivering custom-designed turnkey projects to government agencies, large corporations and private bodies.

In the construction industry, URCC encountered numerous needs and challenges concerned with Material Allocation of idle stock and Alert system. There was a need to automate the aforementioned areas, and the implementation of the solicited reapplication which led to a significant improvement in the simplifying projects. This case study goes into detail about the challenges they faced prior to putting the applications into use, the needs they identified, and the results they got after putting the apps into use.

Challenges faced before Material Allocation application implementation:

Due to the company’s difficulty in foreseeing possible material availability in the projects they are managing, there was a miscalculation in the purchase of material required by the procurement team from the vendor which was done without checking the stock availability in other projects. This lead unnecessary stock keeping at project sites and warehouses. Additionally, surplus inventory placed as wasted because of the issues related to date validation and the shifting of the item to scrap. Another problem faced was the unavailability of the specified alternatives to requested materials.

 Material Allocation requirements

  • Displaying additional Project site Inventory with idle Time
  • Alert on Dead stock /slow moving stock
  • Automatic alert for maximum date for use
  • Information about other project site stock with clear attributes

Results of Material Allocation application implementation:

The Deployment resulted URCC to save their cost on material nearly by 2% on every year by notifying the information about the Material in each project and site automatically. And in every month, material reconciliation and stock movement happened based on idle stocks which resulted in Better and timely usage of Chemical materials. The utilization of alternative items was also available in other projects sites.

Challenges faced before Alert application implementation:

Another option the organization considered from Tactive was to track and manage overutilization by alerting the appropriate Team. Prior to the deployment of the application, URC Constructions had several challenges, including lacking the capacity to track machinery usage, the inaccessibility of fuel consumption records, the lack of a record for machinery productivity and maintenance costs, and the inability to enter specifics for each unit.

The company required a dependable tracking system to ensure that all of the equipment was used for its intended purpose. This will prevent the wasting of resources such as fuel and energy. In every company Inactive equipment is another major source of waste in the workplace, as it is frequently left idle after its expiration date or for other reasons. As a result, they must be adequately tracked so that they can be used only after being refurbished before remaining dormant.

Alert Implementation requirements

  • Measure, monitor and report standard norms for daily standard running hours and fuel consumption per hour for each machinery.
  • Generate reports and dashboards to help and identify issues and make informed decisions.
  • Automated tracking of performance/Productivity which helps to identify potential areas of improvement.
  • Capture the standard preventive maintenance for each machinery as per manufacture recommendation with spares requirement.
  • Minimize downtime and increase efficiency through automation of routine tasks.

Results of Alert application implementation

  • The alert to respective team about the machinery which getting underutilized.
  • System generates alerts on over consumption of fuel beyond the standard norms.
  • Report that detailed the cost incurred for each machinery and the productivity received from the same.
  • • The T&P department has information on the machines that will need maintenance in the near future, allowing them to order the spare parts in advance and perform maintenance tasks.

Future enhancements planned:

IOT integration and Automatic Material Allocation requirement planned to be implemented as Future enhancement.

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