Procurement Management

Enable Budget Controlled Project
Procurement of Materials and Services

Handle the total procurement of materials and services while
being closely integrated with other modules

How it works


Purchase Order Release

Capture the following details in the purchase order.

  1. Vendor details with their GST
  2. Currency Exchange
  3. Material specification and its attributes
  4. Material GST
  5. Delivery schedule of each material
  6. Rate with respect to budget limit
  7. Payment terms and other commercial conditions
  8. Tolerance on quantity and rate

Procurement Plan

Procurement Plan

Get an automated procurement plan based on the project schedule and resource mapping against project activities. Further, get hold of clear breakups of material groups, detailed specifications, month-wise quantity and budgeted rate for each material.

Budget-Based Purchase Requisition

Budget-Based Purchase Requisition

Be enabled to raise the purchase indent against the respective cost code (activity) and validate the same against the respective cost code budgeted quantity, based on the budget.

Internal Allocation

Make smarter decisions subjected to new procurement or internal transfers of material from other projects with the help of system-collated data on available stock quantity and idle stock with ageing.

RFQ, Quotation, Comparative

Facilitate your vendors with our system-generated vendor portal for their transaction with the company, after screening them with the following parameters.

  1. Recommended suppliers for respective materials (Mapped in Master).
  2. Latest order placed for respective material.
  3. Manual selection of vendor from the Master.

Vendor Portal

Enable internet portal facility for the vendor to process all procurement operations, like accessing their RFQs, quoting their rate, order acceptance and payment/account information.


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