Bank Transfer Issues

Bank Transfer Issues

About the Client

Ashish Interbuild is India’s fastest-growing, highly acclaimed, and premier Turnkey Fit-Out contracting company. It has built strong foundation of robust delivery processes using strong systems and expertise. As the leading premium turnkey contracting company in India, Ashish Interbuild assures its clients that their projects will be professionally handled to deliver on time and within budget. In the process of delivery our key focus is on Quality.

Challenges faced before application implementation.

One of the main challenges faced by the company was in the preparation of payment advice. This process was incredibly laborious as it involved a lot of manual work for Bank Transfer. In addition, the Bank transfer import format had to be prepared each time a transaction occurred, making it a time-consuming process. Furthermore, manual mistakes were often made when entering the details of the parties involved, adding to the challenge of this procedure. These challenges highlighted the need for a more efficient application to handle such tasks, leading to the implementation of an application to solve these issues.

Requirements given by client.

Our client has given us a specific set of requirements to complete where We created an ERP system that is able to import bank transfer formats that are defined in the ERP. Once payment is approved and a list is created based on user selection, the system should be able to automatically prepare different bank import formats based on the specific bank. The ERP also allowed to integrate with the bank domain to ensure successful bank transfers.

  • Bank transfer import format against Individual Bank
  • After payment approved list, based on user selection, system should prepare bank import format as per bank wise automatically.
  • ERP should integrate with Bank domain for bank Transfer.

Results of application implementation

The implementation of the application in Ashish was a success as it brought great improvements. One of the results was the introduction of a bank transfer upload format. The format enabled them to keep track of their transactions more accurately and to keep a much more detailed record of their transactions and accounts.

Future Enhancements Planned: For all banks, user needs to define the upload format.


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