construction payroll software

Integrated Human
Resources Management

Steer your entire human resource management from employee joining to employee seperation:
A process integrated with project budget in addition to employee self service.

How it works


Leave and Attendance Management

Deploy the most effective mobile-based attendance and leave recording system, also equipped to integrate with biometric attendance capturing systems.

Resume Bank (including resume parser)

Resume Bank (including resume parser)

Store and retrieve the data of all candidates (selected, declined and waitlisted) in a single place.

Manpower Request and Internal Allocation

Manpower Request and Internal Allocation

Operate with budget-controlled manpower requests with skill matrix match.

Interview and Selection Process

Interview and Selection Process

Carry out a detailed interview process with status-tracking options.

Pay Structure

Get our system assistance to define multiple pay structures with different pay component.

Joining Formalities

Standardise the HR pay process against the project, department, grade and state.

Salary, Arrear and Bonus Process

Capture the details of on-boarded candidates and map them with company credentials with the pay structure.

Employee Separation and Relieve

Track the details of separated employees and also control the employees during the notice period.

Employee Self-Service

Enable a mobile-based system for the employees to request leave, loan, permission, and claim.


Tactive Exclusive

Our User-Friendly Screens and Insightful Reports

Have the best view of your project data and take quick decisions with real-time reports

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