Construction Estimation Software

Lead and Bid Management, Site Investigations, Rate Analysis For BOQ Items, Lost Bid Analysis

  • Capture and manage construction project enquiries, bid submissions upto tender award in Tendering module of Tactive Construction Management Software.
  • Track all business enquiries, pre-qualification process cycle, tender receipts, site investigations, rate enquiries, tender workings, tender document submissions, and negotiations easily.
  • It facilitates historical tender analysis to sharpen pricing and margin calculation ensuring strategic negotiation with clients, sub-contractors and vendors.
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Tactive Construction Tendering and Estimation Module

Processes at a glance
  • Starts from tender notifications/referrals/enquiries and continues up to publishing tender results
  • Earnest Money Deposit Collections - Payment requests for EMD and reminders to collect them back
  • Create RFQs to vendors and analyse from comparative statements from rate enquiry responses
  • Use of workings from previous tenders and inbuilt templates for rate analysis
  • Fetching activity and material rates from procurement history, previous tenders and project actuals
  • BOQ or Activity change request management for modifications and additions to tenders
  • Generate alerts for tender submission due date through Mail or SMS
Documents / Reports
  • Lead/Enquiry Tracker
  • Tender Enquiry Register
  • Enquiry Summary
  • Site Investigation Feedback
  • BOQ Itemwise Summary
  • Activity Cost Analysis
  • Abstract Report
  • Billing Schedule
  • Work Schedule
  • Resource Schedule
  • Tender Submission Checklist
  • Tender Revision History
  • Tender Lost Bid Analysis
  • Tender S-Curve Simulation
  • Tender Fund Flow Simulation
  • Vendor Enquiry Results
Construction Tendering & Estimation Process
  • Tendering Module of Tactive Construction Management Software features an inbuilt CRM software for construction companies. 
  • Track each enquiry, lead, referral or RFQ. Assign region wise and sector wise targets to field sales or tender department employees.
  • Leads generated are moved to further stages of document purchase, pre-qualification and tender submission with checklists for each document.
  • Create Tender Enquiries in the tendering module based on the notifications from websites, Newspapers, Magazines, Clients, Consultants and referrals.
  • Raise payment requests to the finance team to purchase the Tender Document for required leads based on approval.
  • Define and create all terms and conditions related to the tender based on the tender documents as attributes to remind during billing, execution and closure of the project.
  • Create and upload and share other tender documents such as BOQs, Structural details, blueprints, permits, etc. using inbuilt Document Management System
  • Perform site investigations, allocate and notify the person to enter or verify actual site data during physical site visit and generate the site report.
  • Tender teams can raise Bond Requests such as security deposit or bank guarantees or Earnest money deposit requests to the finance team as per tender document requirements.
  • Derive detailed Rate analysis for each BOQ item imported into the software based on tender histories or standard working definitions, inbuilt templates or vendor RFQ responses
  • Set individual or combined Profit targets for each BOQ item, activity code or overall project.
  • Query material, labor, machinery breakup rates for each item type or activity type and update based on previous purchase history in the ERP, location wise rates or vendor quotation replies.
  • Automatically generate RFQs (quotation requests) and mail to the list of Suppliers who can reply though vendor portal.
  • Generate Comparative statements based on quotations of each supplier. Based on this statement, split and finalise work orders or materials from quotations of each suppliers.
  • Simulate and derive multiple rate analysis based on choice of project execution (eg. Using machine vs labour) and create multiple quotations / tender submissions for the same project.
  • Get have approvals done by management for Rate analysis for BOQ items before submissions
  • Complete Customised checklists for tender quotations in the ERP before final submission of tender to avoid mistakes in the documents.
  • Store tender Submission information such as Submission Mode, Submitted Quotation Detail, Submitted Value, opening dates etc in the ERP for future analysis.
  • Capture the Tender Result of the Submitted Tenders for further conversion into a project for handover to execution teams.
  • Perform lost bid analysis by comparing given quotes for each BOQ items with the winning tender details for further improvement in tendering process.
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