Construction HR, Payroll Software

Visa and Work Permits, Statutory HR Operations, Payroll Processing, Contract Labour Management Module for Labor Supply Management

  • Manage all process in Tactive HR software – recruitment, on-boarding processes, Manpower Planning, Offer letter, Document management, Joining reports and Separation or exit processes
  • Manage Statutory and Government Relations - Nationality Ratio, Visa Quota, Visa Renewal & Cancellation and Hold / Exit Surrender
  • Manage Attendance - Shift Plan, On Duty, Attendance, Approval and Encashment of Leave
  • Process and run Payroll - Pay components, Salary roll out, Full and Final settlement Process and Bank formalities, Incentives and leave encashment
  • Manage Visa and passport renewals and statuses with alerts for upcoming notifications
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Construction HR, Payroll Module

Processes at a glance
  • Hiring
  • Employee Details and Service Records
  • Leave Administration
  • Welfare, Perquisites, Loans
  • Payroll
  • Training and Development
  • Appraisals and Promotions
Documents / Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Attendance Reports
  • Leave Records
  • Vouchers
  • Salary Structure
  • Statutory Compliances
  • MIS on Productivity and Competence
Construction HR, Payroll Process
  • Request the Required resources (Manpower) to Recruitment team from Projects or Departments.
  • Store the Resume details received from Candidates.
  • Users can search inside the resumes for filtering based on the requirement from the Department.
  • Schedule interviews for selected candidates and record the interview results online
  • Create and issue Offer Letters for selected candidates and mail them automatically. Revise terms based on negotiations if required.
  • Collect and save legal & statutory documents such as Passport, Visa, Contract letters, Medical documents, Work authorization documents according to each specific region as required.
  • Record the Official Employment Details and Issue Appointment letters for the newly Joined Employees.
  • Record/Monitor the Induction status, ID cards, Bank details, Resident card, Insurance details, Labor card and other region specific documents as required.
  • Define various Shifts and plan the employee's Weekly Schedules based on Team, Role, Project designation etc.,
  • Manage the Employees Leaves and configure workflow for approvals. Manage the Compensatory off based on work nature.
  • Apply On-duty and Transit details.
  • Apply hourly leaves and approvals based on pre-defined rules for Employee team and roles.
  • Manage the Employee's Annual Leaves and eligible/accrue leaves based on the schedule based on local norms and manage accumulated leaves based on vacations taken.
  • Record Employee work timings and integrate with biometric attendance systems and mobile app.
  • Employee Self-service updates like Personal information, Bank Details, Nominee, and Document Management.
  • Manage the Official details such as Department, Designation, Category, Shifts, Salary Revision, Promotion and Memo/Warning letter of the employee based on the approval cycle.
  • Manage the Manual Allowances, Deductions, Salary advance and Reimbursements for the employees.
  • Manage the Loans & Advances for the employee and assign the Interest and EMI Schedules with Amendment and pre closure options.
  • Apply for claims based on actuals spent and /Reimbursements with approvals for the same.
  • Manage the Training calendar and allocate the resources/Employees for the Training.
  • Record the Training comments, results, Cost etc.,
  • Evaluation of the training with the employee and evaluate the efficiency of the training.
  • Process salary based on Employee Timesheet, Allowances, Deductions, Loans and generate Pay-sheet and Pay slip for the same.
  • Record the Salary transfer for the employee's with various modes like Bank transfer, Cheque, Cash Etc.,
  • Temporary Hold of salary due to discrepancy in Timesheet, Bank details and other information for processing the salary.
  • Manage the Salary increment, Arrear payments, pending allowances and release in single/multiple release in any Salary cycle.
  • Systematic calculation of the TDS, taxes, and other provisional components based on legal terms.
  • Issuing of the Memo, Warning, Notice, Alerts and Reminders.
  • Defining the Ticket rules, eligibility, Costs and assign them to each employee with proper approval channels.
  • Raising the Travel request along with ticketing requests for Official and Personal travels.
  • Recording the travel information of the employee and update the status, Cost, Etc., for the Travel.
  • Define the Key Result Area and Assign to each Employee during the employment and after the Appraisal process.
  • Initiate the appraisal process based on the Joining cycle or Appraisal cycle of the Organization.
  • Submission of the Self-appraisal based on the defined KRA's.
  • Record the results of the appraisal with the comments from reviewer. Also records the suggested ratings for the same.
  • Appraisal closure based on multi-level review and create Personal Development Plans (PDP) and approve the increments based on performances.
  • Checklist for the employee before initiating the Relieve process such as Asset Handover, No due certificate, Accounts clearance etc.,
  • Generate the Full and Final settlement process for pending Salary, Loan, Allowances, Deductions, Encashment, Gratuity, Arrears, recovery etc.,
  • Recording the Final / Exit interview details for further review and the comments from the employee.
  • Deactivation of Employee, ID card, Email ids, Security clearances and assurances for the employee.
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