Workforce Management Software

Tactive workforce Management Software helps companies to manage contract labor and contingent workforce. Manpower supply companies and labour intensive industries use Tactive WFM software to do workforce planning and scheduling, camps, vehicles and inventory.

  • Workforce planning and scheduling tool for manpower deployment
  • Vehicle and camp management tool for contract labor transport
  • Caters to blue collar and white collar manpower supply companies engaged in construction, contracting, oil & gas, facility management, etc
  • Mobile app to manage attendance, view reports and mark labour outturn.
  • Can be installed and trained remotely to reduce implementation costs
  • Integration with existing accounting software and excel or csv import/export
  • Predictable pricing based on labourers managed and logins
  • Available as on-cloud solution or as on-premise hosting
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Tactive workforce management software
(also known as contract labor management software or manpower supply management software)

Workforce management software system – modules
Workforce Planning Tool
  • Handle workforce requirement enquiries, Proposals and Work orders and deployments
  • Track workforce Attendance details and expenditure with daily profit monitoring
  • Manage workforce deployment and vehicle logistics with custom attendance points
  • Manage Timesheets, Invoices, Receivables, Daily Summary and Monthly Reports
  • Minimize the dependency on spread sheets and data entry which is error prone
Vehicle and Camp Management Software
  • Manage accommodations in own / rented facility / camps or hotels based on role, cadre and availability
  • Camp Occupancy Management and  daily status of available accommodation facilities
  • Managing the Camp Assets such as disposables and rented equipment
  • Maintaining Agreements for camp rentals and long term hotel booking
  • Vehicle Trip Sheets and Vehicle Maintenance management
PPE and Inventory Management
  • Create Purchase or Hire requests for disposables, PPE equipment, etc
  • Analyse Quotes & Comparative statements from vendors
  • Enable LPO (Local Purchase Order) for sites and camps
  • Track material inward Receipts and material issue notes with inspections
  • Raise Invoices to clients for reimbursements
  • Manage Stock/inventory of equipment, PPE, etc
Integrated Finance Module
  • Integrate with inbuilt finance and accounts module or existing software such as Tally or Sage
  • Manage salary and vendor Payables and client Receivables and reimbursements
  • General Ledger and Salary Voucher Integration
  • Manage Bank guarantee certificates and letter of credit
  • Get work orders certified and reconciliation with account statements
  • Manage local taxes, statutory payments, TDS and employee benefits
Workforce HR & Payroll Tool
  • Manage all process in Tactive workforce management software – recruitment, on-boarding processes, Manpower Planning, Offer letter, document management, joining reports and separation or exit processes
  • Manage Statutory and Government Relations - Nationality Ratio, Visa Quota, Visa Renewal & Cancellation and Hold / Exit Surrender
  • Manage Attendance - Shift Plan, On Duty, Attendance, Approval and Encashment of Leave
  • Process and run Payroll - Pay components, Salary roll out, Full and Final settlement Process and Bank formalities, incentives and leave encashment
  • Manage Visa and passport renewals and statuses with alerts for upcoming notifications
Tactive Workforce Management software for strategic workforce planning

See how Tactive workforce management software can help your company manage your own or contract workforce effectively. Use inbuilt workforce planning tools and workforce scheduling software to get complete control over manpower deployment in own company and labor supply to other companies.

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