Project Progress Monitoring in KNK

Tactive Case Study - KNK

Brief Summary of the Client

KNK is a certified Construction and Engineering Company who takes venturing into large and complex projects, embracing the latest technologies and being genuinely engaged in creating the best outcomes for clients and for all stakeholders. With a most effective development approach throughout every project, KNK has demonstrated its ability in diverse aspects of the construction industry such as in IT Parks, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Residential projects and is now making an entry in infrastructure projects. There were 170 employees intended to use the application.

 Business Need

The company experienced some key challenges where the main concern was keeping track of project development on a daily or periodic basis, consolidating all DPR (Daily Progress Report) from each supervisor where they faced a delay in receiving reports from all the projects where an Initial step which has to be taken was recording of Actual work completed to be updated against each cost code or activity. Other significant challenges faced were,

The lack of an integrated Support system that would provide accurate information on actual costs/Schedule incurred during various stages of a project like Budgeting, planning, implementation and handling.

Managing comprehensive database that would facilitate the projects and their resources.

Inadequate reporting capabilities prevent managers from analyzing and making choices based on real-time information about projects being conducted at many sites.

Requirements given by client

The business has identified a few requirements, that to keep a track of Project’s outrun , Regular update on project progress automatically on daily basis, also to receive early warning about budget overruns which helps to track the construction forecast with ease.

Results after Application Implementation

TACTIVE was able to provide a solution to the KNK Company by assisting them with their Project management by implementing a detailed WBS(Work Breakdown Structure) for the project, as well as a budget and the particular WBS Cost code was shared with each individual project in the ERP. In accordance with the Individual cost code that is mapped in the budget, each supervisor was required to submit their DPR.

Daily, the project quantity surveyor and planning engineer entered all DPR into the system and sent them to the project manager for approval where Project participants can also check their daily outrun and reconciliation of the day’s review vs. actual expenses in a daily basis.

This DPR is being obtained against a specific labor group or subcontractor. Consequently, invoicing or billing for both parties is also made simpler because it is not required to be modified when cost codes or labor groups change during construction.

Future enhancements

Additional requirements included capturing the Drawing against individual DPR with measurements. Also capturing the DPR/Project progress Images through Mobile App.

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