Why Quantity Surveyors Need Construction Management Software?

Construction Management Software For Quantity Surveyors

Construction projects are a combination of multiple tasks, and the complexity of the tasks is simply overwhelming. To manage such complex projects, the quantity surveyors need an intelligent software solution, and that software should be capable of collaborating, managing, planning, and communicating seamlessly. In this article, We will understand Why Quantity Surveyors Need Construction Management Software?

Understand the Need of a Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor is a highly skilled construction industry professional. They have deep knowledge of every aspect of a construction project including technical, commercials, legal, and contracts. They are responsible for managing the budgeting, fund allocation, contracts, and sub-contracts of a construction project. Modern construction projects are magnanimous and highly complex. To manage such projects, a Quantity Surveyor needs advanced construction management software.

Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software falls in the category of ERP software. Modern projects are almost impossible to manage efficiently without ERP software. Using the traditional Excel or any other spreadsheet application may lead to poor execution of the project.  These days all major construction companies are leveraging the advanced cloud and mobile technology by using construction project management software. Areas like planning, estimation, budgeting, scheduling, resource management, report tracking, etc. can be effortlessly managed using the construction ERP software. Managing these tasks with any spreadsheet application can be a daunting task.

Benefits of Using/Developing a Construction Management Software

Managing the Budget

An error-free budget is one of the key factors for the success of any construction project. But the budgeting for a construction project is a very complex process. In such projects, even the small-scale error may result in surprise hurdles for the contractors, and it may adversely affect the project execution. Construction management software can effectively help in accurate budgeting by enabling complete control over man, machine, and money. It also manages stage-wise approvals seamlessly and speeds up the entire processes.

Managing Funds

Funds are essentially the lifeline of any construction project. Managing funds efficiently is important. Generally, the funds come from multiple sources for construction projects. ERP software tracks the incoming funds from multiple sources. It analyses the need for each activity, then allocates the available funds to each task. Right from the beginning of the project, it can monitor actual spending in real-time. The live dashboard indicates available funds and also predicts probable bottlenecks in advance.

Synergy Amongst the Team Members

Construction Project Management software is excellent in keeping the internal as well as external stakeholders of the project well-informed and well-connected. It enables real-time conversation among the people working on the project. This helps to manage conflicts and speeds up any decision making process. All stakeholders get access to the updated information in a rich visual format. Live dashboards with real-time updates of plans, live reports, live charts, and real-time project status enable visual monitoring of all the ongoing processes. Visual dashboards make it easy to forecast any deviation even before it actually takes place. Easy access to centrally managed documents keeps everyone on the same page.

Data Management Through Construction ERP Software

Robust Data Management and data analytics capability make Construction Project Management software a powerful tool for any construction project. It can store information from all previous projects. Based on historical data, the software can intelligently predict and advise. The robust data management system eliminates all repeat work and helps to save time. It makes the task of project estimation or managing contracts much easier and accurate.

Documentation Management System

The advanced cloud-based document management system is used by the construction ERP software. The cloud-based technology allows:

  • Storing an infinite number of project documents. These documents are safely stored on the cloud with complete access control.
  • Sharing any document to internal or external stakeholders based on need.
  • The inbuilt version control to save every document in their chronological order.
  • Data retrieval for future use is much easier.

Mobile Management 

Speed and mobility are the hallmarks of modern software applications. Construction management software is no exception. It has moved way ahead of the traditional Excel and Outlook. The mobile and web-based software allow us to perform all the tasks from anywhere. It keeps the team members working in the field well connected with the head office. Tasks can be created and assigned in real-time and documents and photos can be shared instantly.

Project Management

Construction projects are a task-driven process. The software helps the construction projects by streamlining and integrating every task like estimation, budgeting, resource allocation, contract management, labour management, job allocation, etc. The cloud storage technology enables accessing the project details from anywhere via an internet connection.

Tactive Software Systems is one of the highly-rated construction ERP software in India. This software completely digitizes the construction project management and the life-cycle management of the project. It helps in finishing the construction projects within the given timeline and budget. It makes life easier for Owners, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Engineers, Contractors, and every other member of the project.




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