Optimist Construction Approval Workflows Using Construction Management Software

Construction is a complex business that has multiple works being carried out simultaneously at various locations. Each work has to be viewed and verified by a designated authority within the organization before the actual work can take place. Some critical works need multiple approvals before getting the final green light to be executed.  

So what is the construction approval workflow?

It is the set procedure followed by the construction organization to get the required approval as per the vitality and priority of the project. Eg: The daily progress report has to be first signed off by the site engineer, after which it goes for the quantity surveyors approval before landing at the desk of the concerned project manager who submits it to the regional planning head for the final key stakeholder’s review. Construction has always taken the back seat when it comes to adopting new innovative digitization methods to run the show. 

The use of pen & paper to calculate the data, transmit it using fax machines or what’s app it over the phone is on its way out as these are non-standardised processes and are prone to errors. Any mismatch in the transmitted data or any item left out in the list of approvals will eventually bring the entire project to a grinding halt. 

What’s the role of a construction ERP/Management software in the construction approval workflow process?

Most construction project management software comes with built-in BI (business intelligence) application that facilitates the collection of multiple data from various sources simultaneously in real-time that is analysed and fed into the final output screen for easy decision making and enhanced transparency. Speaking of transparency, the construction industry unlike any other industry deals with a significant amount of hard cash. This emphasises the need for a fully integrated system that provides 24/7 real-time reporting and visibility over all construction operations and the workforce across multiple locations in a single unified digital platform. 

Construction Management Software in the context of digitizing, automating and streamlining the construction resources, operations and the workforce is doing a favour to the contractor by enabling them to have complete access and control over their construction workflow approval processes. Using the construction ERP software project managers can know the status of any approval processes, where it is getting delayed, and commence appropriate action to speed up the process. Since all the actions taken are completely digitized, everyone is held accountable. 

Tactive Construction Management Software

Tactive is a web and cloud-based construction management software that enables the timely execution of projects with a higher profit margin at a low cost. Using tactive:

  • Monitor construction approval process flow in real-time
  • Identify blockages
  • Initiate appropriate actions like overriding the flow, etc
  • Define the approval process flow to suit the nature of the project
  • Set deadlines for approvals and many more… 

The blueprint of Tactive construction project execution workflow:

Construction project management process flow

To know more about the benefits of digitizing and automating your construction approval process, take a free DEMO of our Construction Management/ERP Software


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