How Tactive is different from Other Construction ERP Software?

Tactive Construction ERP Software

While the pandemic has changed the world upside down, it has not left the construction industry also untouched. It is high time that the construction industry should move and adopt ERP software for easy project management. As construction work becomes more multifarious, and as technology continues to transform the way we do our work, contractors and engineers are under increasing stress to be more efficient and smarter about project delivery. It is more important for them to maintain a competitive edge. Technavio’s latest research report estimates the construction management software market to register a CAGR of almost 8% and might grow by USD 630.51 million during 2021-2025.

Global construction management-software market 2021-2025

While there are numerous choices to choose ERP software, Tactive is one of the leading software solutions available for the construction industry. It fulfils the major goal of any construction ERP should do like managing the core business processes of construction companies, including project management, project financials and accounting, project and portfolio analysis, source and asset management, subcontractor management, payroll, and more.

Here are 7 reasons why Tactive is different from other construction ERP software?


Tactive ERP software is highly scalable to match any size of projects be it is a larger number of sites or more employees under a single project. Companies in construction industry continue to heavily invest in technology with most of them focusing on digitalization and data-driven products and services. Right from tendering to billing and hiring to pay rolling, Tactive software manages all processes in just a few clicks.

Specially designed

Tactive- This web and mobile-based construction management software is easy to handle and helps contractors, builders, engineers, MEP companies help complete projects on time and within budget.

Greater visibility & control

You can easily take control over the project you are working on and the 5 M’s of the construction industry like Machine, Man, Material, Minutes, and Money. With pre-planned budgeting and timeline, you can control the cost of every project handled. Also, it is easy to prepare and present reports by drilling down the data at the preceding end.

Predictable pricing

Based on the number of users, the pricing of Tactive construction management software is predictable and affordable. It just not stops with this. You can save a lot with this particular software by easily managing construction projects.

Tested & proven performance

Across is one of the most used ERP software in the construction industry by leading companies and has acquired huge clients based on a proven solution. With a highly satisfied customer base, Tactive stands apart in providing reliable customer support.

Integrated BI system

Business Intelligence (BI) helps construction project management software to easily gather, save and process data more effectively and efficiently. The inbuilt BI helps the construction of the ERP software to boost dynamically and versatility in data analytics and distribution.

Third-party integration

With technological advancements like voice commands, IoT, it is important that ERP software should be easily integrated. Tactive provides you that facility of easy integration. Moreover, contractors and engineers can integrate the Tactive ERP software with the existing software like Tally, Sage and many similar ones to get enjoy additional benefits.

After all, if you looking for improving your company’s bottom line, then its high time you make a move to one of the best ERP solutions in the rapidly evolving tech scenario.


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