Characteristics of a Winning Construction Management Software Suite

tactive characteristics of a winning construction management software suit

An ideal construction management software implementation results in exponential productivity increase, amazed customers and eventually drawing newer business prospects. It comprises end-to-end construction digitization modules having Dynamic, Customized, Business operations alignment capabilities. Apart from being a powerful tool, the resulting Construction management software should essentially possess powerful inter-communicating modules for smooth construction business operations.

Effortless, coordinated work A successful construction management software facilitates multiple-team, multiple-location operations, even if spread across globally. It should mandatorily lessen the operational steps and collaboration time among the company’s teams.

Material & Manpower Management An effective construction ERP implementation is characterized by a state, wherein the right materials in the right quantity and right manpower reach their right places at the right time for the construction.

  • A Materials Management Plan (MMP) integrated with a construction ERP facilitates Site Managers to ensure easy compliance with regulations of environmental agencies.
  • Code of Practice (CoP) in line with the MMP has considerable utility, such as the re-use of excavated materials.
  • A unified, Workforce Management module (MFM), augments the operational efficiency multi-folds.
  • The integrated MFM ensures optimal availability of the rightly skilled resources with core-competent know-how and experience at the right times.

Cost EfficacyA standard, construction ERP is marked by its capability to Churn out:

  • Revenues far more than the building and implementation costs.
  • Drastically reduced timelines.
  • Strikingly minimal errors.
  • Remarkably augmented business opportunity levels.

Interactive demo sessions & tutorialsTech-savvy tutorials or interactive demo sessions of the construction ERP is vital. They ensure that the actual practical advantages of implementing construction ERP reach the target Users. It is therefore highly essential that data and scenarios shown in such demo sessions are in perfect sync with the actual practical construction workflow scenarios.

Single Project trial implementation Vs 1 Month Product trialProviding an implementation trial of a single construction Project significantly showcases its automation edge over the manual workflow. Restricted trial access to vital Personnel is recommended.

Usage by leading global EnterprisesConstruction industry leaders have been positively using ERPs to significantly expand their revenues. Starting from Business development, Project kick-offs, Planning, Project cost estimates, operations, Purchases, Machinery MaintenanceAccounts & Finances, HR to furthermost nuances of the industry.

Multi-device access An ideal construction ERP should necessarily be accessible via multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile/smart phones, tablets, etc. During contingencies, it would be much easier and practical for personnel on Sites such as the Purchase department to quickly grab a smart phone and enter their data through an App rather than walking to reach their workstation desktops.

ConclusionFascinatingly, industry Experts, have concluded comparative cost benefits of implementing construction management software like any Tactive software, as far more than otherwise. Following are a list of mandatory functions that a Best construction management software should possess:

  • Opportunity and Proposal Management.
  • Construction Project Management.
  • Contracting and Invoicing Management.
  • Construction Material Management Software / Raw Materials Management.
  • Sourcing and Procurement Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Mobile Device Accessibility Management.
  • In-built Analytics module.
  • Resource Planning and Allocation.