Benefits of Construction ERP Software by Role

Benefits of Construction ERP Software by Role

An ERP software is a digital tool that helps business organisations grow lean by intelligently streamlining, organising, and standardizing the business practises with the available resources. A construction ERP software is no different except for some modifications to address the domain-specific requirements of construction. An ERP software helps contractors accomplish their mid and long term goals within schedule and budget. 

construction ERP software for builders and contractors

Discussed in this blog is the specifications developed by Tactive for every level of hierarchy in the construction sector right from the CEO to Safety & Quality leads. 

We start with the boss man… 


As per an interesting study, the top-level managerial decisions in any organization is the most inaccurate and digressing compared to the lower levels of management. This is due to the large no. of reports, metrics, data, and scope of domain that a CEO or CFO has to consider before coming to a decision. 

Using Tactive Construction ERP Software, the boss can:

  1. Monitor project-wise up to date profitability, Budget variance and Job cost Reports
  2. Analyse manpower resource strength, Monitor salary outgo to revenue ratios
  3.  View inventory status and Asset utilisation across the entire company
  4.  Analyse the financial statuses such as Limit Utilisation for Bank Guarantees / Letter of Credit and Payables and Receivables with Ageing analysis
  5.  Track the Order in the pipeline for each Region / Sector / Team
  6.  Tender success Ratio for each Region and Sector and Lost bid analysis

Finance Head

Did you know that proper utilization of fund can increase revenue by as much as 11% just through controlling unforeseeable/unnecessary expense? This can only be possible if the finance team is adequately equipped with the necessary automation and estimation software that helps them with smart decision making. 

Tactive construction ERP software has BI (business intelligence) that helps contractors to:

  1. Track fund utilisation across divisions, Projects and Regions
  2. Monitor accounts Payable and Receivable with Ageing analysis
  3. View past Cash flow and Future fund flow projections
  4. Track asset utilisation, Depreciation and Maintenance of equipment and assets
  5. Track salary outgo, Admin costs and Overheads for each project
  6. Utilisation status for Bank Guarantees / Letter of Credit

Regional Heads/Project Managers

When it comes down to real-time hands-on execution of the projects, its the project managers who are responsible for the successful completion. For them:

  1. Overview of the region’s projects and material availability
  2. Monitor and track Change Requests & scope revision from clients – and approval status
  3. Track plan vs actual status of Projects – monthly billing target of a project vs completion
  4. Plan material, Manpower, Stock, Equipment and Subcontracting requirements for each project
  5. View unbilled activities and Receivables status from each client
  6. Track critical issues raised, Constraints, Client queries to be addressed for each project
  7. Monitor utilisation of Post Dated Cheques, Bank Guarantees Limits and Insurance coverage

Procurement Head/Purchase Head/Equipment Managers

They are responsible for Purchase Management for Construction Sites, Centralised Procurement Operations, Purchase Requests and Approvals, Machinery and Heavy Equipment Usage Logs, Implement Cost Centres for Internal Hires, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Works, etc… Tactive ERP enables them to:

  1. Arrange for Lease or Purchase requests from the site for Equipment and Inventory
  2. Create RFQs and Manage vendor rating and relationship
  3. Identify idle stock and equipment and transfer to required sites
  4. ABC analysis of inventory, detailed analysis of high-value items
  5. Log and track requests for equipment requirement schedule at sites
  6. Schedule preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment
  7. Monitor equipment utilisation project wise or machinery wise
  8. Do hire vs buy analysis and release idle equipment hire back to vendors

Budget/Estimation/Scheduling teams

These guys are responsible for Creating zero-based budgets, material, manpower and machinery requirement schedules, WBS for the BOQ activities and detailed rate analysis, 

optimized accounting, integrating payroll, purchase, business development, project planning and execution to name a few. 

Using Tactive they can:

  1. Create and submit responses to Tender enquiries
  2. Create and map cost/activity code from BOQ
  3. Use inbuilt templates for rate analysis and creating BOQs
  4. Integrated project tracking and scheduling with MS Projects and Oracle Primavera
  5. Perform Lost bid analysis for failed tenders

Project Controllers/Quantity Surveyors

They are experts with contracts of clients and sub-contractors and ensure the smooth functioning of the day to day construction activities. When they use Tactive, they can:

  1. Track subcontractor performance – ensuring material recovery
  2. Ensure work orders and released within budgeted limits
  3. Resolve critical or stoppage activity requirements at sites
  4. Track client billing
  5. Monitor the DPR (Daily Progress Report) of the labours.

Legal/Design/Safety & Quality Heads

Responsible for making the company meet its legal and compliance requirements within deadline, the safety of employees working in hazardous conditions, and to ensure the quality of the task completed. They are assisted by construction management software in the following areas:

  1. Store and share all design files, legal contracts and project-related documents with inbuilt Document Management System
  2. Maintain and track documents and legal checklist requirements for tenders, contracts and site investigations
  3. Monitor and track quality and safety requirements checklist, report safety and quality issues across the project teams.

The additional benefits of Tactive Construction ERP Software include the Construction Analytics & Dashboards like illustrated below:

Construction Analytics & Project Dashboards

Tactive is a niche ERP software to seamlessly manage the construction workflow process and other allied activities. We automate, integrate, and simplify construction processes, operations, workforce, and finance in one user-friendly platform.

Take a free DEMO of Construction ERP Software  right now to know more in real-time.

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