Why should Regional Planning Head & Construction Project Managers Use Construction ERP Software?

ERP software used in construction industry

What is Construction ERP Software?

A digital tool used to streamline, simplify, standardize, integrate, automate, the construction workflow process, operations, workforce, and the resources to seamlessly manage the entire life-cycle of the construction projects from start to finish. 

Who is a Project Manager?

One who monitors and manages the day to day activities of a construction project from the start to completion. He is responsible for the daily operations of the project, workforce, and other resource utilization across the project. He is held accountable in case the project extends the budget and/or schedule. The other roles and responsibilities include:

  • Labour Bill Approvals
  • Sub Contractor Bill Approvals
  • Client Bill/WIP Approvals
  • PO Approvals
  • Change Request Management
  • Review the DPR, DLR and Labor Out-turn Entry 
  • Generating task/work/workforce schedule, and many others… 

What is required of a construction management software to make the Project Manager’s work more efficient? 

Using the construction management software, the project managers should be able to access the updated and precise;

Construction Project Managers Use Construction ERP Software

The benefits of construction ERP software for the Project Managers in a nutshell are:

  • The option to overview and review the region’s projects and material availability
  • Monitor and track Change Requests and Scope revision from clients 
  • Track the planned vs actual status of Projects 
  • Auto-generate monthly billing target of a project vs the real completion
  • Plan material, Manpower, Stock, Equipment and Subcontracting requirements 
  • View unbilled activities and Receivables status from each client
  • Track critical issues raised, Constraints, Client queries to be addressed for each project
  • Monitor utilisation of Post Dated Cheques, Bank Guarantees Limits and Insurance 

Here are some cool features of Tactive Construction ERP Software:

    Attach and store all documents digitally in realtime and search through them using the inbuilt Document Management System.
    Approvals, dashboards, work specifications, reports and more with Android and IOS mobile applications.
    Securely share or export PDF/spreadsheet reports in real-time to only those who need it with prior approval.
    Configure reports to be generated and shared automatically based on your filters via email.
    Configure required notifications to be sent via SMS or email-based such as workforce schedules, wage alerts, etc…
    Integrate project schedules with your existing project management tools such as MS Project and Primavera.

The project managers can also use the Tactive construction management software to map Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and Internal cost codes, create work-break-down structures (WBS) and Labour, Material, Plant (LMP) costs for each activity, monitor monthly Job-Cost-Report (JCR), to name a few. 

So in essence, the construction management software is organizing, simplifying and streamlining the work of construction project managers by digitizing and automating their entire process like;

  1. Detailed rate analysis against BOQs by importing excel sheets into software
  2. Define direct & in-direct cost structures
  3. Plan for accrued and deferred expenses
  4. Integration with MS Projects or Oracle Primavera for scheduling and monitoring
  5. Clone WBS from other projects and create for current projects
  6. Maintenance of contractual terms as attributes to remind during and after project completion
  7. Vendor selection based on RFQ responses
  8. Subcontractor work orders, material supply agreements and recovery & contract term definitions
  9. Measurement log sheet entry for subcontractor Material issue & Recovery, Bill preparation & Certification & reconciliation with client bills and so on…

The benefits of Construction Project Management software in a nutshell

nefits of Construction Project Management Software

All these processes when integrated and synergised at one digital platform, it creates a self coping and evolving smart work environment that promotes efficiency which in turn drives productivity by many folds. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to test out the Tactive construction management software to boost your Project Manager’s efficiency, now is the time to schedule a free DEMO of Construction ERP/Management Software.  


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