Tactive – A Multi-Dimensional Construction ERP Tool For The Modern Builder

Tactive - A Multi-Dimensional Construction ERP Tool For The Modern Builder

The very word ‘Modern’ in the title of the article makes one articulate the influence of technology and digitization on the present-day business process. From design to planning and execution and up to product delivery and implementation, technology and digitization help in improving productivity simply by giving the user an alternative perspective and an extra smart mind to see it come to life. Nothing better than technology and automation can define the process of transformation in a project’s life cycle. 

Tactive ERP Suit is one such phenomenal technology that saw its inception 17 years ago in the construction arena when the industry just began opening up to new advancements in technology for long term benefits. This allowed Tactive to witness the industry transit from a conventional to a digital era. This experience enabled Tactive to reflect the insight gained into the making of the products and associated modules. 

The system analyses the problem not just at the surface level but digs a little deeper into the cause. Eliminating the root cause of a pain point makes sense over just targeting the surfacing syndromes. This has been tactically achieved by incorporating Business Intelligence (BI) into the making of the software that enables it to grow brains of its own to the extent that it can help the end-user avert future issues of a certain nature. 

What sets Tactive apart?

The potential of the ERP to make allies with the existing software such as the Excell, Tally, etc makes it distinguishable. Any product without the flexibility to accommodate the operational output of other technologies may prove to be redundant in the future. The creation of synergy between the various advanced technologies is highly recommended. An ERP makes little sense if it can not be customized to process the information generated from technologies like BIM as the raw complex data from a technologies defeats the purpose of employing such technology in the first place. An ERP should address the processing of data from complex resources like in this instance the BIM to make it easier to interpret for real-time application. 

Tactive has an advantage when it comes to working in tandem with the existing technologies and making those technologies even more user-friendly and effective to operate. 

How has Tactive evolved over the years?

Over the years, it feels wonderful to understand and get to the bottom of the problems that did not show up on the radar a few decades ago. It’s because technologies like Drone application, BIM, and ERP have given the construction industry not just a digital eye for risk evaluation, but also mapped the potential hiding spots of the troubles. 

Tactive has resolved countless issues related to construction workflow processes for all its clients in India and the Middle-East. Most of these project improvisations happened in the areas of:

  1. General process automation
  2. Improvisation of operational standards/ Establishing an approved and standardized benchmark.
  3. Reducing the dependency on manpower
  4. Minimizing paper trials
  5. Eliminating unreliable data
  6. Automating procurement process
  7. Improvising the Inventory
  8. Managing the HR and Payroll activities for labour-intensive companies
  9. Digitizing Equipment management procedures.
  10. Avoiding duplication of work done
  11. Real-time employee and project status tracking
  12. Assessing pilferages and troubleshooting to give an alternative way of execution

It has been a brainstorming journey for almost two decades dealing with various challenges in the construction industry and equipping the products to effectively handle such challenges. 

the bottom line…

Tactive is a dynamic product that caters to all the possible challenges and pain points faced by all stakeholders in a construction project. There may exist multiple applications that are technologically advanced, but Tactive Construction ERP Suite offers a robust platform for these technological applications to function with harmony and coordination. The A – Z of construction requirements is covered from end-to-end by the Construction ERP and it comes with an option to be customized as per the requirements and situational needs of the end-users. The ERP is designed keeping in mind the growing and changing requirements of the modern-day ‘technology-driven’ builders to help them thrive in the highly competitive digital century. 

Check out the free Tactive Construction ERP Software DEMO to gain better insight and first-hand experience.


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