Managing complex projects with construction ERP software

Construction ERP Software for Technology Integration and Coordination

Buying or crafting an effective construction ERP software solution is an ongoing task and needs to be constantly reviewed as the project progresses.

It is not just ERP software implementation but a full fledged digital transformation within the construction company.

Only by working with a construction ERP software vendor with a robust development team and proven track record of construction domain knowledge, you’ll be able to come up with a realistic implementation plan as part of your planning process.

Tactive’s Construction ERP Software helps right from zero-based budgeting which helps you justify every expense being added to the official budget planning. This can reduce spend significantly by considering areas where costs can be cut. First, the project management team can easily create a project budget and schedule without the need for spreadsheets and Excel macros. Secondly, the actuals can be tracked against the planned schedule. Our construction ERP suite helps each job planned according to the estimate in the same cost category that can be used to collect the actual job cost information. This will enable the project manager to effectively handle contract activities.

Tactive comes complete with integrated Rate-analysis templates through BOQ Import which allows contractors to use accessible bid templates for submitting any number of construction proposals.

Tactive helps automating the work of generating client bills and invoices. There is a subcontract module that can handle the contracts, in addition to order modification, billing and payment history. Payment and material reconciliations can be done based on taking into account the work done and physical stock available at the subcontractor in real-time.

Numerous hindrances can cause undue delays in one or multiple processes. Tactive allows the project management team to capture and report hindrances. With our ERP software suite, contracts team can create, review and approve work orders amendments and billing. The Tactive ERP software suite can capture and generate project wise client receivables, vendor payables, cash flow and overheads projections. This means that financial tasks can be attributed to specific projects so that their rate of progress and success can be easily monitored and reported.

The Tactive construction ERP software suite can take complete stock of the material lifecycle from centralized procurement, creation of a vendor portal and material management at the yard/ warehouse operations and across multiple sites, etc. Therefore, it becomes simpler for the workforce to collaborate in an effective manner, ensuring improved material management in real time from anywhere.

The machinery and equipment usage logs module of our software details a list of actions that has been carried out on a certain piece of equipment over a particular period, and helps in the complete maintenance of the range of equipment. Tactive allows you to effectively manage both internal as well as external hires of the construction firm.

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