Impact of Construction ERP Software on the construction sector in the UAE

Impact of ERP Software for Construction Industry

The UAE construction market refers to the growing construction projects in diverse sectors such as residential construction, commercial construction, industrial construction, energy and utility, and infrastructure.

According to a study by ResearchAndMarkets, the building and construction industry in the UAE is slated to hit AED 248.7 billion by 2024. The residential construction industry in value terms witnessed a jump by 6.7% during 2015-2019. The commercial building construction market is expected to register a CAGR of 11.6% during the forecast period.

Nevertheless, there have been a lot of challenges upfront for the construction sector in the UAE, which Tactive Construction ERP Software suite is built to address. The recommended course of action is highly promising to take the construction industry in the UAE into the new wave of management technology.

Generic highlights of Construction ERP Software:

Improve industry collaboration:

The construction sector lacks a standard template for introducing contracts that seek shared risks, offer pain/gain opportunities between consultants, clients, and contractors. Another consideration will be to use technology that automates the payment timeframe, compliance, and certification terms. Tactive comes with in-built features including project proposal and bidding to operation and commission. It is easy to collaborate with different stakeholders across the supply chain and the industry ecosystem, reduce costs and schedule overruns, monitor, and manage project risks and issues, and more.

Attracting and retaining talents:

Attracting and retaining the best talents presents itself as a challenge for the construction industry in the UAE. It is important to hire the right talent early on. The Tactive’s Construction, HR & Payroll software suite can easily manage Visa and passport renewals with status alerts for upcoming notifications. It renders improved visibility and insights into talent recruitment, on-boarding processes, and manpower planning, which is critical for talent management. Tactive comes complete with features that help generate job offer letters, joining  reports  & separation or exit processes, and document management system.

Deployment of construction management technology:

The construction sector in the UAE lacks on the deployment of construction management technology front, and that is why the use of an innovative, 360-degree construction management software suite such as Tactive can harmonize processes across all authorities and levels. Tactive encourages construction firm owners to use emerging technology stacks, and transform their business processes from silos to web-and-mobile optimized  ERP on Cloud.

Lack of compliance:

It is important for construction firms in the UAE to use the right construction management tool that helps set compliance standards and regulations, and address disputes and other legal matters. Tactive ensures greater              engagement between the local government policies and project clients, thereby regulating the industry and maintaining approved standards.

If you’re a construction firm in the UAE waking up to the advantages of digital transformation, then simply give us a shot to register for a quick free demo on how Tactive’s Construction ERP Software  UAE suite can improvise your business readiness and operations in the long-run to scale up profit.


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