How Technology Improves Cost Control in Construction?

How Technology Improves Effectiveness in Cost Control and Benefits Construction Industry

Is your project expenditure crossing the budget limits?

Are you looking for some assistance to control your construction cost and increase profitability?

Here is the most awaited Tactive Webinar that digs deep into the cost control factor. The Presentation  “How Technology Improves Effectiveness in Cost Control and Benefits Construction Industry?” is set to take place on 25th November 2021.

Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – (IST) & 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM  – Dubai

Cost control management sets the foundation for your profitability and wastage cut down. Any construction company is capable of building a splendid design or even completing a monumental project within the deadline. But, missing out on control of the expenditure will end up running into losses, leaving no benefits to the company. 

The concept of cost control arose in the early 1950s and has seen steady revisions, aiming to contribute to the profitability of a project. Now, technology is taking over the responsibility and it’s prime time for the construction industry to retire those heavy paper works on cost control.

Integrated digitised solutions have taken over the industry and cost control management software are proving its potential across the globe. The construction industry, being in its transformation phase, many industry leaders are in a state of dilemma in choosing the right tool for the purpose. 

Having 60 years of expertise in the industry, Tactive understands the concerns of the industry leader. This persuades us to present the webinar  “How Technology Improves Effectiveness in Cost Control and Benefits Construction Industry?”, that encompasses detailed insights and real-time implementation experiences. 

The session by Mr Balasubramaniam Sermanchamy is all set to explain the kind of effectiveness that technology can impart in the construction industry. 

Join the session and know about the right tool that serves your purpose. 


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