How are construction Plant & Machinery Heads/Managers benefited by Construction ERP Software?

construction plant machinery heads managers benefited by construction erp software

Construction ERP software is a digital tool to streamline, simplify, standardize, integrate, automate, the construction workflow process, operations, workforce, and the resources to seamlessly manage the entire life-cycle of the construction projects from start to finish. 

Before diving into the benefits, let’s try to understand who really is an Equipment manager and what exactly is his/her role in a construction company.

Construction Equipment/Machinery/Plant managers are those designated authorities who are responsible for; managing plant, machinery and heavy equipment usage authenticating the logs, implementing cost centres for internal hires, conducting preventive and corrective maintenance works, overseeing warehouse activities and operations, stores operations, performing stock audits to ensure smooth supply chain operations to close the gap between demand and supply of materials and equipment at the site level, and many others. 

Let’s find out how the construction management software helps the construction equipment managers in simplifying their daily operations routine

Tactive construction ERP software allows its end-users to engage with the UI friendly Dashboard, the control panel for monitoring, performing and initiating actions with regards to materials and equipment management. Using the Dashboard as a unified digital platform, the Plant & Machinery Managers can: 

construction management software helps the construction equipment managers

When a construction firm decides to take its entire operations, including the operations of managing the equipment and materials, the first step would be implementing the construction management software that has well-defined modules to target and address the pain-points in almost all the segment of construction. The summation of the advantages for the equipment & machinery managers of using Tactive construction ERP software includes the following;

  • The managers can schedule the generation of Lease / Purchase requests from the site for Equipment and Inventory
  • The ERP with its BI (business intelligence) creates RFQs and manage vendor rating and relationships that can be analysed to arrive at the most promising vendor. 
  • The software assists in identifying idle stock and equipment and helps in the transfer of those underutilised stock to those sites where their demand is relatively higher
  • Detailed analysis of high-value items can be done with the BI and the gathered analytics can be transmitted in real-time to the finance module for effective cost control
  • The managers can now use the ERP for making log entries instead of excel which has too many setbacks for maintaining data in huge quantities and track requests for equipment requirement schedules at sites. 
  • Monitor project-wise equipment and machinery utilisation and the analytics can be saved and later retrieved from the database to predict the project nature wise demand for different equipment and the costs associated with their utilization to make informed decisions. 
  • Can do hire vs buy analysis and release idle equipment hire back to vendors

A quick insight into the construction processes that Tactive construction ERP software automates for the plant & machinery managers to optimise their productivity:

construction ERP software process

construction management ERP software process

The Tactive construction project management software can be further integrated with third-party API technology to enable additional flexibility to the end-users to provide the last mile benefits. Having the work of equipment and machinery managers turned digital, ensures high transparency, accountability, and a 360-degree view of their daily work routine. The work-flow is recorded, which in the future can be analysed to find the solutions for potential problems that may arise. 

If you are not familiar with Tactive construction ERP software, find out how your construction firm can be hugely successful by automating its work-flow cycle and operations, take the free DEMO of Tactive Construction ERP Software.

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