Digicon 2021 – Digitizing Indian Construction Industry


Greetings to the Global Construction Leaders

We at Tactive are privileged to present ourselves as the title sponsor of the DIGICON India Summit  – a leap to digitize the Indian Construction Industry.

As the world resumes from the pre-pandemic conditions and the sight of positive trajectory, has created new opportunities for the construction industry. With the arrival of a cordial business environment, it is time to switch to current trends, with hopes to enhance our operational capabilities.

The profile of attendees includes CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Digital transformation from contracting and subcontracting companies, Projects Leads, Principal Consultants, Architects, Chief Technology Officers, Design Directors, Heads of Construction and Engineering, and Project Planning Directors from budding and leading construction conglomerates.

In the presence of an august audience, we present the DIGICON India Summit- a Virtual Platform, to exchange key ideas regarding transformation possibilities in the construction industry. With a majority of our industry leaders, opting to bag digitalized solutions, it is high time for everyone to clinch the chances of growth. 

Technological transformation ranging from Building Information Modelling (BIM), Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to Client relationship Management (CRM), are given a prime stature in the contemporary construction industry. With the obligation to address climate change issues and meanwhile satisfy the developmental needs, the construction industries across the globe are stepping to tap the potential of digital transformation.


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