Digital transformation for India’s Construction Sector

Digital Transformation of Construction Industry

According to an article on Construction Week (CW), the construction industry in India and China stands the least digitized while Japan is the highest in Asia-Pacific. European and American construction industries are by far, more heavily digitized. No wonder how the western construction companies in most cases, report on-time project completion within the stipulated budget, without incurring any time or cost overruns. 

Scenario on Hand

It has been estimated that 66% of the construction companies operating in India agree that digitization is their best source of sustenance in the long run. As per the survey conducted by CW, the vast majority of construction leaders report, the on-time and within budget completion of projects as their priority #1, followed by workforce safety and effectively managing risk.

Having the above-mentioned criteria as the biggest priority, it is really a tough time for the Indian construction industry at present as according to an Economic Times report, the majority of the construction companies reported falling behind their scheduled date of project completion. Though we are in a Covid-19 situation, the problem could have been averted if only the construction companies have opted to go digital instead of relying on the conventional pen and paper way of managing the operation work-flows.

Statistics On Digitization

91% of construction companies spend less than 5% of annual turnover on technologies says a report published in Economic Times. It has also been brought to notice that according to IDC, 35% of the existing construction giants in India have a clear road-map to transform their way of doing business by means of Digitization, within the next 12 months. This highlights the significance of digitization in the construction arena. Even so, the remaining companies have no clear road-map for their future.

Contribution of Tactive

It is this gap that Tactive strives to bridge, to make the construction industry a level playing field for all the stakeholders. Most of the clients, in India and abroad, have reported significant savings in time and cost for completing a project after digitization. It’s a priority to provide the client with operational readiness and to foresee calamities ahead of them showing up at the doorstep. This is achieved through data monitoring simultaneously from multiple sources and BI analytics that goes into the core of the making of Tactive Construction ERP Suit.

Tactive is built from the ground up, taking into consideration all the pain points and requirements of all the stakeholders in a construction project to facilitate seamless management of the overall project work-flow cycle. The Suite consists of 8 modules with 2 more on the pipeline. These modules consist of basic and advanced requirements for completing a project with ease, derived out of 60+ years of exposure to the construction industry.

The software is designed keeping in mind the client’s ability to access and operate the product. These lead to the development of various sophisticated, yet easy to use dashboards that help navigate the user to their goals. This promises to eliminate the fear of digital transition, as it is the inability of the workforce to use software that seems to be the main hindrance for companies’ to include technology into the construction process. 


The government has been pushing the use of technology into the construction industry for over a decade now. Many companies have started engaging in BIM, 3D modeling, Drone technology, etc.  None of these technologies will bear fruits as sweet as they are expected to unless there is a lean and smart way to integrate these existing traditional knowledge bases with the technology of the future. Tactive strives to create a synergy between the various technologies employed by a company like it enables the integration of BIM output and compiles the data generated from BIM in a digital report. 

The flexibility of the ERP suite to accommodate third-party vendor of all sorts make it the most dynamic ERP solution out in the market. For more updates on ERP and allied solutions, check out

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