Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors

Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors

Construction management software is a digital platform that enables the automation of construction project activities to seamlessly manage the vast and complex operations. The primary motive here is to let business intelligence take over manual work to provide multiple benefits that may take hours to explain in depth. This, in essence, reduces the complexity of the workflow and makes it very simple for anyone to understand at first sight what’s happening in the project, how much $ is invested, workforce employed, their scheduled tasks, tracking of material movements, etc. 

Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors

So basically the software has in the end given real-time visibility and control over the ongoing construction projects for the stakeholders concerned like the project managers, quantity surveyors, planning head, etc. Not just that but also the ability to initiate actions and execute ideas in real-time from off-site locations as well.

Studies have found the productivity of contractors to have improved 130% within the first 7-10 days of incorporation of construction management software. This comes as no big surprise as more than 50% of the world’s steel production is consumed by the construction industry. The management of inventory and equipment costs almost half the allocated budget for a construction project. And what are these plants and equipment predominantly made of?? STEEL!! There you go. Having a robust plan for corrective and preventive maintenance of equipment in your inventory can help save a lot. 

Listed above is just one factor that construction, when digitized and automated, can help save a ton of $. Imagine the same being extended to all the aspects of a construction project like Tendering & Estimation, Budgeting & Scheduling, Project Management, Procurement Management, Equipment Management, Finance & Accounts, HR & Payroll, etc. 

Construction ERP Modules

Do the benefits stop here?? Definitely NOT!! Cutting down on expense is just one tiny little advantage of having a construction ERP software up your sleeve. What about precious time?? No one seems to care about it as they once used to do, right? Wrong! As per an article on ToI, 95% of the contractors based in India and Dubai stated delayed execution of projects as their biggest deterrent in executing the projects within budget. 

A little analogy for understanding the time save that can be achieved through digitization. What takes 12 employees to achieve in 9 days, when digitized can be done in 6 days with only 3 employees. Now of course this is a crude average from the overall perspective, even then, the numbers are pretty solid for any contractor to go digital. 

Buildings are not going to build themselves, you need men/women working around the clock to see a structure raised from the dust. This brings us to the next critical component of the construction, Workforce Management. Construction is a labour-intensive segment that requires more than a human mind to plan, schedule, monitor, and control their activities. The old way of monitoring by the site is redundant as the scale of construction has more than tripled over the decades with governments proposing to infuse billions of $ in the next half a decade to sprout additional growth across the world. 

Construction Workforce Management Software Key Features

With potential so vast and versatile, it’s not in the best interest of the contractor to rely upon the old practices. The use of construction ERP software allows project managers, HR, and site engineers to have a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the workforce. Having a specific digital solution to address common pain points in managing a workforce like issuing payroll, appraisals, transfer of employees, leave and permission requests, and most importantly the evaluation of the cost to work done by a specific employee will help the stakeholders focus on other key components of executing the project. 

The next on the list is the Key Reports segments that are revamped by the construction management software. These constitute construction analytics and project dashboards in the construction ERP software. These are the reports that show the status of the project in its truest sense. Hence the quick and error-free preparation of these reports is vital for future strategy formulation. Some of the key reports include:

Construction Analytics & Project Dashboards

So far we have seen how construction management software helps in achieving synergy in real-time between the site and the HO. Now let’s see if one has to come to the HO to perform his/her duty. 

Construction Mobile App for Project

Most modern construction management systems come in a mobile version that given 24×7 real-time access, visibility, and control over all projects. You can now make plans, and monitor them being executed at the comfort of your home or golf course. 

Now we move on to the million $ question. Why Construction Management Software?

Tactive Construction Management Software Features

So the bottom line is that we are progressing into a future that is driven by digital technologies and it’s no longer an option for contractors to resist change. It’s time the construction industry woke up to the reality on hand. The only way to grow big is the digital way as multiple studies have shown. Digital solutions and automation are the way forward for contractors looking to expand their presence. 

Take a DEMO of the Tactive Construction ERP Software to witness and verify what is said.


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