Construction ERP Software for Technology Integration and Coordination

Construction ERP Software for Technology Integration and Coordination

The construction industry has started to show signs of including technological interventions for optimized performance. This coincides with the government’s push for making use of technological advancements to digitize the under-digitized sector of the economy. This aligns perfectly with the Digital India campaign that was initiated by the Prime Minister on July 1, 2015.

Discussed in this blog is how construction ERP software assists in integrating the various forms of technologies that are employed in a construction project. 

Mobile Technology

As much as 80 % of construction professionals admit mobile technology is a top priority. It enables real-time inspections, on-site visibility, and helps to measure spaces using just a mobile phone camera. Having an intelligent construction management software is highly advisable for remaining competitive, building a valuable business, and increasing operational efficiency.

The best construction ERP solutions cover end-to-end needs from RFIs to compiling data, sharing files with off-site/remote teams, Budgeting, Documentation, Payroll, and HR, monitoring Inventory, Procurement, and Project Management

An ideal program should help smoothen the integration of existing sources easier. Like scalable software, that can be customized as per the requirements of the project managers. Look for features like if it’s a windows application or a web-based application, etc. The availability of support and training to the end-users is also a crucial part that shall not be neglected. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM allows users to generate computer representations of buildings and utilities. It’s a 3D solution that helps engineers, project managers, architects, and other stakeholders of a project evaluate and analyze tools, design, plan, structure, outlay, elevation, etc leading to on-time and accurate completion of projects. 

This is an advanced construction technology and when integrated with ERP software, it further streamlines the data from multiple sources and further simplifies these data generated by the BIM to add to the existing potential for excellence in the project workflow cycle. 

It doesn’t make sense to use advanced technology like BIM only to get the report in primitive tools like an Excel or Word document. This is where the application of ERP software comes in to automate the collection of data promptly through digitizing the operation work-flow end to end. 

Drone Technologies

Drones are beginning to be deployed by the on-site team to gain visual access to where the human eye can not reach with ease. The main objective of employing drones is to have an eagle’s eye view of the project on-site. Construction Management Software (ERP), when integrated with drone technology, can help with the allied or peripheral activities for operating a drone thereby increasing the output of the drones. The construction management software schedules the drone deployments and records its activities to generates digital reports that are reliable. A robust ERP software comes with inbuilt modules to manage equipment/machinery (drones) that assist in preventive maintenance.  


Usage of any technology without a proper tie up to the backdoor operations is going to prove futile in increasing overall efficiency. The need for a common platform to integrate the existing technology with a digital medium (ERP) is imperative for automation to trickle down to even the very last stage of the work-flow cycle. There is quite a need for synergy between the various technologies employed in the site. The Tactive Construction ERP Software is a web that reaches out and connects digitally all areas of operations and provides a central access point for better visibility and control. 

Take a look at the free DEMO of Tactive construction ERP software right away.


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