Construction ERP Software for Construction Procurement Managers

construction erp software for construction procurement managers

Construction ERP software is a digital tool to streamline, simplify, standardize, integrate, automate, the construction workflow process, operations, workforce, and the resources to seamlessly manage the entire life-cycle of the construction projects from start to finish. 

Who is a Procurement Manager and what exactly are his/her roles and responsibilities?

  • He is the nodal officer-in-charge of managing the purchase of goods and materials for the site
  • Coordinates the centralised procurement operations to ensure operational efficiency/readiness 
  • Ensures the integrated workflow process with the Material management segment
  • Identifying the best vendor based on value for money by issuing RFQs to multiple vendors
  • General supervision over Payables, Taxes and related legal compliances.

List of Screens Tactive Construction Management Software offers for the Procurement Managers are:

  • Procurement Dashboard Screen – To monitor the database of all procurement operations and previous history of operations carried out, tracking the movement of materials, upcoming PO, PO of a sister or parent entity, etc. It provides the birds-eye view of the procurement timeline from start to finish.
  • PR Approval Screen – This is the screen the end-user navigates to view and take appropriate actions against the Purchase Requests. 
  • CS Approval Screen – Comparative statement screen is where the procurement managers weigh the difference in perks and benefits of multiple vendors against one another’s quotations. 
  • PO Approval Screen – The screen used for approving purchase orders and also to generate the purchase orders. 
  • RFQ Approval Screen – Compare multiple vendors by analysing and assessing the database of competitive quotations and RFI’s that are simultaneously gathered from all the vendors.
  • Vendor Registration Approval Screen – Once selected, approval can be authorised in real-time. 

Now let’s dive into the benefits of using the construction project management software for Procurement Managers;

  • Generate Lease or Purchase requests from the site for Equipment and Inventory
  • Create RFQs and Manage vendor rating and relationship
  • Identify idle stock and equipment and transfer them to the required sites
  • ABC analysis of inventory, detailed analysis of high-value items
  • Do hire vs buy analysis and release idle equipment hire back to vendors

The overview of the entire benefits in a nutshell…

construction procurement software modules
Take a free DEMO of Tactive Construction ERP Software to see in reality what is stated above.

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