“Construction ERP” – Construction Project Management Module

Construction Project Management ERP Software Module

Construction, a labor-intensive process also involves factors like Man, Material, Machinery, Money, and Minutes for the timely completion of projects without incurring cost overruns. To simplify such a complex process, a digital solution has been developed by Tactive that monitors and analyses all the aspects of a construction work-flow cycle. 

Tactive is a Suite of web and mobile-based Construction ERP Solutions that cater to the modern builder’s requirements in a Digital Platform, redefining construction like never before for the betterment of the industry as a whole in the long run. This work is a detailed description of one of the eight modules that constitute the Tactive Construction ERP Software Suite, the Construction Project Management Module.

The module comes with a ton of benefits that a construction firm may otherwise be deprived of such as the digital mapping of  BOQ, tracking of Internal Cost Codes, the designing of Work-Break-Down Structures, all digitally without the risk of human errors and paper trails that are usually painful, time-consuming, and expensive to carry out. Any mismatch in the numbers will be automatically flagged thus saving time on rechecking the entire list of entries. 

As almost every activity requires Labour, Material, and Plant (LMP), the cost of these are monitored from the day of purchase or usage as seen appropriate by the project managers and are estimated automatically. Now this gives the prime stakeholders of the construction project the transparency they are looking for while tallying the numbers against each respective activity.

Comparing Actuals vs Zero-based budgets and Schedules is a serious pain-point for the management when done manually or through primitive software technologies. Tactive ERP enables real-time automation of these comparisons in a digital platform, saving time, labor, and effort. The margin of error is reduced by 90% and the time consumed is reduced to more than 75% than when it was done via a non-ERP platform.

ERP is supposed to be smart. Smartness without being able to integrate with existing practices is almost always futile in achieving the end goals. To co-exist with the existing technologies, Tactive ERP is dynamic enough to Integrate with other digital platforms (if in use) like the Oracle Primavera or MS Projects, Tally, etc to deliver the extra punch that sets your company apart from the rest.

The Job Cost Report (JCR), a tool used to evaluate project or production performance against an estimated standard. Gone are the days when the site personnel had to manually calculate and enter the data on a paper and later take a picture of it in their phone camera and WhatsApp it to the accounts & budgeting division for final cross-verification and tallying. Tactive ERP simplifies these arduous tasks so much that it now looks like a walk in the park. The data are recorded digitally right at the construction site into the ERP from where the data is instantly transmitted to the back office for real-time tracking and processing. Since the entire flow will be digitized and automated, there will be little to no discrepancies in the data registered. The registered data can now be verified with the actual data, making this system a foolproof and time-saving alternative for conventional practice. 

Sample screenshot to simulate the user experience, looks, and feel of working on the platform:

Construction Project Management Job Cost ReportReports suggest that many startups in the Construction arena are turning towards the incorporation of the Construction ERP software and other such digital construction platforms to enhance the efficiency of their operations by making the peripheral issues taken care of completely by a reliable system. 

The ERP is multi-lingual/multi-currency flexible and can be further customized to respond in a way that the contractor finds appropriate. The freedom of tailoring the program extends up to and beyond fixing notifications for situations chosen by the users so they are duly notified.

Reiterating the construction aspects supported by the Project Management Module:

  • Capturing project work orders & contract conditions
  • WBS for the projects and detail budgeting
  • Schedule for the projects
  • Labour Management
  • Daily Project Progress Updates
  • Client Invoicing & WIP

Construction Project Management Process FlowWith these aspects backed and supported by a powerful digitization tool such as a Construction ERP Software, the contractor’s workload is diluted and gives him/her the breathing space to look into other pending matters. And having digitized the entire work-flow cycle, the CEO and other top-level brass like the Tender Heads can worry less about the maintenance and real-time monitoring of the projects.

The flow-chart above is a basic overview of how Tactive as a construction ERP software, when integrated with the client’s construction operational work-flow, will function. These are the set protocols (customizable as per the client’s requirement) and operating procedures (customizable) through which Tactive stands to achieve what it has promised in the sections above. 

To sum it up, Tactive ERP in its Construction Project Management Module provides real-time Visibility and  Control over construction projects irrespective of their current locations. With Tactive now available on mobile platforms (Android & iOS), the end-users are in a better position to perform the said functions right on their hand gadgets for enhanced ease of access and utility. Going Mobile has enabled the end-users to sleep with their work right next to their pillow. 

For a detailed tour of how the Project Management Module would digitize and transform your existing way of operating for the better, take a quick demo of the module from our experts from: Construction ERP Software Free Demo 


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