Construction Equipment Management Solution

Construction Equipment Management Solution

As most of the processes in the construction industry heavily rely on equipment and machinery, it becomes a nuisance when the equipment or machinery breakdowns as it will disrupt the whole construction cycle and the scheduled work-flow of the entire crew. The dysfunction of even single equipment can make a project standstill while the downtime costs like the fixed or overhead costs, hire equipment fee, etc have to be borne by the Contractor. Thus it becomes imperative for project managers to maintain them in their best shape and condition. 

Troubleshooting Equipment Breakdown

Troubleshooting is the process of identifying what, and where the problem is, rectifying it, recording it, and also making sure the problem does not repeat itself in at least the near future.  This all sounds like candy and jelly, but where does the technological solution to this problem fit in? Can digitization be the solution? Let’s find out. It’s a straight fact that equipment/machinery is a great driver of productivity gains. Advanced solution providers like Construction ERP Software offers: 

Improved Availability of Individual Equipment: ERP software enables constant monitoring and preventive maintenance. This results in better timely repairing of construction equipment resulting in better availability of the equipment. Effective construction equipment is the answer to making construction projects more cost-effective while ensuring timely completion of projects.

Enhances Utilization of the Companies Entire Equipment Arsenal: Centralized monitoring and control over all equipment help effectively utilize the equipment and machinery. Over usage of equipment can be averted by the data analyzed from the work log of every individual equipment. 

Better Command Over Equipment: Availability of data on various types of equipment leased and/or shared across different departments within the organization helps distribute capacity equitably inside the organization. Here digitization helps in making the process flow smooth and transparent. 

Centralized Data Bank:  Having a digitized list of inventory, equipment, and machinery reduces chaos and enhances clarity on what is available and the condition in which it is available. This increases the chances of making an informed decision. A robust ERP software is built inclusive of Intelligent Dashboard service that enables ease of access to reminders and notification on details like the Service due date, FC (Fitness certificate) in case of a vehicle, EMI on purchase of expensive machinery, Annual Maintenance Report, an Inspection of Equipment and other Inventory, etc.

The construction industry unlike other industries has always taken the back seat as far as technological inclusions and digitization are concerned. From first-hand experience, it is known that the construction industry stands to benefit a lot when digitized on a full scale by an end-to-end product. The benefits of considering the use of the ERP concept in the construction industry are multidimensional, it promotes Plan Optimization, Streamlining Project Management, Facilitating Cost & Revenue Estimation, Reliable Exchange of Information, Effective Decision making, Improving ROI, etc. 

equipment management software

Equipment management software

TACTIVE CONSTRUCTION ERP  SOLUTION in its user-friendly Equipment Management Module offers the end-users an easy to understand road map to better deal with their equipment to avert sudden surprises in the project site. Manage Plant, Machinery, and Heavy Equipment Usage Logs, Implement Cost Centres for Internal Hires, Do Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Works

The makers of Tactive took into consideration the man-machine connection and have designed the product in a way that the connection is preserved. The BI competent ERP solution of Tactive establishes a better network between the user and the machinery that is managed.

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