Construction Equipment Management Software

Manage Plant, Machinery and Heavy Equipment Usage Logs, Implement Cost Centres for Internal Hires, Do Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Works

  • This module encompasses covers all processes and functions related to planning, procuring, moving, consuming.
  • Maintaining machinery, heavy equipment or light assets required in construction projects.
  • Create machinery cost centre for internal hire purposes.
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance activities.
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Construction Equipment Management Module

Processes at a glance
  • Analysis for Capital Purchase vs hire for project usage
  • Equipment Hiring processes
  • Equipment renting process to outside companies
  • Usage Costing and machinery log sheets
  • Preventive and corrective Maintenance
  • Equipment Usage allocation according to cost codes
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness Measures for each asset
  • Billing management for internal or external hires
Documents / Reports
  • Equipment Register
  • Usage History and idle reports
  • Replacement Analysis
  • Usage Costs
  • Maintenance reports
  • Transfer request and agreements
Sample Screenshots