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SubContractor Management

Subcontractor Management

Generate RFQs to vendors, manage work orders, monitor progress, generate bills, reconcile with your client bills – all with ease.

Processes at a glance
  • Vendor selection
  • Subcontractor work orders & Define the contract terms
  • Measurement sheet entry for subcontractor
  • Material issue & Recovery
  • Bill preparation & Certification
  • Subcontractor bill reconciliation
Documents / Reports
  • Subcontractor Work Order Status
  • Work Order vs Build
  • Material Recovery Statement
  • Subcontractor Bill vs Client Bill
  • Onboard subcontractors and store the documents with qualification criteria.
  • Request subcontractor at the project site with reference to BOQ, budget and cost code.
  • Filter and screen subcontractors according to the type of work item and, past performance and other criteria.
  • Centrally create RFQs to subcontractors for Service Initiation.
  • External portal and notifications for the subcontractor to enter quotations.
  • Generation, Comparison of Quotations and finalisation of Work Orders for subcontractors.
  • Terms as editable attributes for work orders and reminders of terms during closure and payment.
  • Work progress and log update of actual work done for each work order and cost code.
  • Create subcontractor bills periodically with reference to log sheet and certification of work done.
  • Generate the advice based on payment terms for work orders.
  • Release of Retention for Subcontractors as terms and reminders.
  • Part Rate and With Held in bills for Subcontractors and release it on consecutive bills.
  • Billing of taxation for subcontractors.
  • Auto account passing with reversal JV or credit/debit note JV.
  • Accounts payables alert for subcontractors based on terms and aging analysis.
  • Closing of Work Order after partially working completion or before the work started.
  • Reconciliation feature to verify actual work done vs invoices raised by the subcontractor.
  • Reconciliation and variance analysis feature to verify client invoice, subcontractor invoice.
  • Material supply and recovery for work orders as terms and reminders.
  • The auto debit for material and machinery recovery feature from payables for work orders.
  • Advance payments for work orders and reconciliation for work orders.
  • Work order issue and completion status report.
  • Payment status by work order or subcontractor.
  • Advance and recovery status for subcontractors.
  • Debit note for material and reconciliation status.
  • Work order rate comparison is done by different subcontractors for the same activity.
  • Rate comparison from the same subcontractor for the same activity in different projects, locations or timelines.
  • Comparison of Work Order with the invoices.
SubContractor Management Process flow Diagram

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