Construction Software Implementation FAQs

Implementation FAQs

Currently, most of our enterprise clients provide login for 100+ users simultaneously. And technically our system can withstand unlimited users (based on the server capacity).

We do understand client needs; Tactive supports alert features such as SMS, Email notifications and Mobile App to help users stay up to date on their several projects.

Based on the study to be conducted by our team on your organization, we will be in a better position to confirm our pricing and number of user licenses required for your business. For an efficient solution, we recommend our ERP with more than 15 users.

Tactive possesses a hoard of projects worldwide. Powertech (Oman), Best Power Constructions (Oman), 5M Construction (Qatar), Yaghmour Contracting (KSA), AASA (UAE), Gulf Asia (UAE), Expat Group (Bengaluru), Zamil Projects (KSA), Airolink (UAE) and many others.

Currently, our Web-based technology allows access from anywhere in the world depending on the availability of network connectivity by logging in from your mobiles, tablets and computers. We are in the process of adopting the cloud hosting technology completely.