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Finance & Accounts

Job cost reporting in real-time

This core module meets almost all accounting requirements, with special emphasis on ratios and measures specific to the construction business. It enables optimized accounting, integrating payroll, purchase, business development, project planning, project execution and maintenance modules; thus, delivering a comprehensive picture of the enterprise financial robustness.

Processes at a glance
  • Maintain yearly financial transaction reports.
  • Define and generate varying vouchers, namely: credit, internal transfer, journal and petty cash, based on user needs.
  • Tax computations to ascertain and comply with legal requirements on payments and receipts.
  • Maintain and manage receivables and payables.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Accounting with construction-specific functionalities.
  • Job cost reporting in real-time including work-in-progress schedules and detailed bonding reports.
  • Billing and cost tracking by lot, plan, and elevations.
  • Interface with attendance-payroll-related devices including time cards.
  • Residential templates for housing developments.
  • Buyer options and change order tracking system to capture revenue for work beyond the original scope.
Documents / Reports
  • General and Project-specific Balance Sheet
  • General and Project-specific Trial Balance
  • General and Project-specific Profit & Loss Account
  • Account books, namely: day cash, bank transactions and so on
  • General and Multiple Ledgers
  • Stock Report
  • Ageing Analysis - Debtors/Creditors
  • MIS Reports
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Fund Flow Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
finance & Accounts Processflow Diagram

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