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Business Development

deal with all your business enquiries

Capture and manage deals through closure - with all your business enquiries, pre-qualification process cycle, tender receipts, site investigations, rate enquiries, tender workings, submission, and negotiations at ease. It also facilitates historical tender analysis to sharpen pricing and margin calculation ensuring strategic negotiation with your clients.

Processes at a glance
  • Starts with tender notification/referral enquiry and continues until publishing tender results
  • Earnest Money Deposit Collections - Payment requests for EMD and reminders for failed tenders
  • Direct RFQ & comparative statements for vendors rate enquiry
  • Use of workings from previous tenders and project execution for rate analysis
  • Fetching rates from procurement history, previous tenders and project actual
  • Change request management for modifications and additions
Documents / Reports
  • Enquiry Tracker
  • Lost Bid History
  • Activity Cost Analysis
  • Pre-Bid Queries
  • Billing Schedule
  • Business development module starts from lead management. Sales team heads can assign region wise and sector wise targets to field sales employees.
  • The leads generated can be entered by the field sales team and moved to further stages of qualification and tender submission.
  • Tender Enquiries can be created in the ERP based on the notifications from Newspapers, Magazines, Clients, Consultants and other Websites.
  • Against the Tender, the team can raise the Payment request to the finance team to purchase the Tender Document.
  • Based on the Tender Documents, all terms and conditions related to the tender can be defined and created as attributes to remind during billing, execution and closure of the project.
  • Other tender related documents can be created and uploaded such as BOQs, Structural details, blueprints, permits, etc.
  • For Site investigation, through the ERP we allocate and notify the person to verify the parameters with physical Site Visit and data can be entered in the system to generate the site report.
  • As per tender requirements, the tender team can raise Bond Requests such as security deposit or bank guarantees or Earnest money deposit requests to the finance team.
  • Detailed Rate analysis for each BOQ item can be derived based on tender history or standard working definitions.
  • Profit targets can be set individually for each BOQ item of overall project.
  • Resource rate for each item type or activity type can be queried and updated based on previous purchase history in the ERP, location wise rates or vendor quotations.
  • For Vendor Quotation, RFQs (quotation requests) can be auto generated and mailed to the list of Suppliers.
  • Comparative statement will be generated by the ERP based on quotations uploaded for each supplier. Based on this statement, quotations can be split and finalised for each suppliers.
  • Multiple rate analysis can be derived based on choice of project execution (eg. Using machine vs labour) and multiple quotations can be created for the same project.
  • Rate analysis can be submitted to management for further analysis and approval.
  • Custom checklist for tender quotation has to be completed in the ERP before final submission of tender to avoid any mistakes in the documents.
  • The tender Submission information such as Submission Mode, Submitted Quotation Detail, Submitted Value, etc can be captured in the ERP for future analysis.
  • We capture the Tender Result of the Submitted Tender for further conversion into a project for handover to execution teams.
  • Lost bid analysis can be done by comparing with the winning tender details for further improvement in business development process.
Business Development Process flow Diagram

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