Tactive Webinar – Costing Analysis for Construction Projects

Tactive is hosting a webinar on Costing Analysis for Construction Projects, underlining the importance of the sector adopting digitization, automation technology as well as cost analyzing and control strategies. . With over 500+ construction organizations expected to join the virtual event on July 28, 2021, from 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM  Dubai,

For Free Registrationhttps://bit.ly/3wZLyvt

it’s guaranteed to be a valuable insight into cost analysis operations for those aspiring contractors looking to broaden their exposure to innovative building technologies.


  • To assist contracting organizations in properly analyzing their project expenses through JCR, BOQ working, Overheads, Schedules, and other Costing protocols.  
  • To develop a solid digital foundation that will considerably decrease duplication of effort, mismatch of data, human errors, to increase the accuracy of Cost Analysis.


The goal is to demonstrate how construction technology helps increase a construction project’s efficiency in computing the cost analysis data in a systemic and cost-efficient manner.  


  • The virtual event is designed to assist construction professionals in envisioning a future in which project cost analysis is simplified and streamlined to provide a better knowledge of project costs in terms of, Labour, Sub-Contractor, Plant & Machinery, Client billing, etc
  • Seamless cost analysis methodology with enhanced accuracy and minimal error. 

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