Is Tactive a game-changer in construction ERP software in the UAE?

Construction ERP Software in UAE

According to a research study published by Research and Markets (world’s leading market research store).The building construction industry in the UAE is slated to clock a growth rate of 8.8 percent to hit AED 248.7 billion by 2024. However, as a study by MEED, construction firms in the UAE have cited low contracting margins as the biggest deterrent to them.

Interaction among the different modules of a project management suite, adherence to a systematic project management approach, and integration of built-in data visualization system sets the tone for construction companies in the UAE in identifying the right construction ERP software system. So there’s more to it.

Elavarasu (Raja) Arumugam, CEO of Tactive

Construction ERP software at the core of the operation

Construction firms not just in the UAE, and the world over, usually set up a new schedule and new margins for any project when efficiency goes for a toss. This being so, these firms reverse the situation by deploying ERP software at the core of their operation. Any ERP software at its best allows construction companies to eliminate tedious, manual, and labor-intensive processes. Manage costs for raw materials and employees, lower IT costs, and eliminates downtimes and adhere to project deadlines. 

Benefits of Construction ERP software suite

Tactive is a powerfully built integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite that offers cutting-edge analytics drawing data from various construction processes or modules including tendering & estimation, budgeting & scheduling project management, procurement management, inventory management, equipment management, finance & accounts, HR & payroll and many more.

The interaction among these modules and setting up proper accounting, documentation and scheduling routines can accelerate the progress of construction projects, and improve the bottom-line of the firm itself. As unforeseen situations occur, not having an integrated construction ERP tool interlaced with built-in technology and software can slow down the progress of any construction project.

Lack of a systematic approach towards construction management

When construction firms lack a systematic approach to keeping their project on track, they lose the game quite early to competition right from producing a complete bid in a professional format; handling estimating, contracts, selections, and project scheduling; effectively managing construction resources, projects, and customers; looking beyond the bid to building value through procuring management; managing construction material & inventory system; maximizing investment on equipment; exercising financial control of a project and managing payroll processing to workforce planning and even talent management.

Data Visualization is gold:

For any decision-maker in construction project management ranks, custom dashboards, in addition to data hierarchy and built-in data visualization, become extremely crucial for daily operation. Especially, in the face of an unexpected event or change request form the client, Tactive helps monitor them. Tactive helps construction professionals ensure business continuity with powerfully built visual analytics and reporting.

Tactive Construction Management Software

Without the right implementation and customization of ERP systems, construction companies need to face the heat overcoming bottlenecks in project management; don’t let this happen to you.

Call us today, to know more about how a Tactive Construction ERP suite can seamlessly manage the entire gamut of a construction project cycle.

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