What does ERP Software mean for the construction industry?

ERP Software mean for the construction industry

Construction ERP/Management Software

Enterprise Resource Planning for the construction sector is all about streamlining, simplifying and standardising the construction workflow cycle, business process management, core & allied operations and the workforce. The primary objective of construction ERP software is to streamline the resources of a construction enterprise for their seamless management to achieve synergy among the various components of the business cycle. An ERP software for construction digitizes, automates and integrates the construction workflow processes and other factors to enhance transparency, eliminate pilferage, reduce error, avoid overlapping data, and duplicate work.

Modern construction management software is capable of working with third-party applications via the ‘Third-party API integration’ feature that allows for the extended utilization of the construction ERP software benefits. Robust construction management software comes with BI (business intelligence) that assist the stakeholders in capturing data from multiple sources and analysing them simultaneously to enable speedy decision making.

LEAN is a fairly new concept that construction project management software across the globe are starting to embrace. LEAN principles focus on eliminating exploitation of resources and finance, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting control and coordination across the enterprise. Modern ERP systems allow the end-users to have maximum visibility and control over all their business processes and operations in real-time.

What is possible with Construction Management Software?

It is possible to execute construction projects within time and budget. Construction ERP software helps optimise the productive operational hours of all construction-related workflows. Even in a low margin sector like construction, the use of digitization and automation tools such as the construction project management software by the contractors help them increase their ROI at a low cost. 

What exactly can be achieved using construction software?

Complete digitization, integration and automation of the construction workflow/operations are possible. In details, a typical construction ERP software can:

Construction ERP Software for Builders and Contractors

Are there other benefits for a contractor while using the construction management software?

The COVID – 19 pandemics has taught us a great deal about the need for remote operations management mechanism. The construction industry is vast and highly labour intensive but that does not mean it can’t be monitored and controlled from off-location at the leisure of the project managers and other key stakeholders. 

Construction Mobile App for Project Sites (Android and iOS)

This is a mobile platform that is user friendly and dynamic. It can show key reports and daily activity log of the tasks scheduled and the tasks completed. 

  • DPR, DLR and Labor Out-turn Entry and Tracking 
  • Project wise Reports and Dashboards
  • Employee Self-serve HR Apps, Approval Requests, Tasks and Messages

The mobile application of the construction management software and other vital features of it strengthens the operations readiness of the enterprise in case of emergencies like the one we are experiencing right now. 

Is there a significant advantage for companies using construction ERP software over those companies that do not?

Construction is the second least digitized sector of our economy despite its significant contribution to the overall GDP and its other strategic benefits. On average contractors are spending roughly around 1% of their total turnover in a year on their IT department which according to many construction experts is at an abysmal low. Contrary to the construction industry, the banking sector spends close to 7% of its annual turnover on its IT infrastructure. The results are the standing proof of why contractors should consider implementing the construction ERP software for their long-term benefits. 

As per McKinsey research, companies adopting digitization and integration technology are at an advantage of widening their profit margin significantly by both increasing their productivity and by reducing their overhead costs. 

The bottom line…

The time is ripe for contractors to catch the early wave of construction digitization to redefine their operating way as per future requirements. Resisting change is no longer a good option for contractors looking to take head on the cut-throat competition. The industry is evergreen with new opportunities for all. To make sure you are heading the right way, take a free DEMO of Construction ERP Software

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