How Digitization via Construction ERP Software Enhances Construction Productivity?

Digitalization in Construction Industry

Construction is a vast process with hundreds of operations being carried out simultaneously across multiple sites using a humongous workforce. ERP software for the construction industry simplifies and restructures operational workflow and parallel processes to achieve maximum productivity at low cost and effort. Construction ERP Software is a digital platform that digitizes, automates, simplifies and streamline the construction operations, workflow cycle and human resource. 

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the world will need to spend $57 trillion on infrastructure by 2030 to keep up with global GDP growth. This is a massive incentive for players in the construction industry to identify solutions to transform productivity and project delivery through new technologies and improved practices.

Why does the construction industry have to move forward with digital transformation and automation?  

As per a McKinsey research paper, construction is the second least digitized sector after agriculture. This is worrisome given that the construction industry is the highest consumer of raw materials, some of those being a strategic good like iron.  Construction by many economists is being recognized as “Pivotal” for the sustainable growth and development of a nation in the long-run. 

What are the Key long term benefits of investing in Construction Management Software?

Digitization in the construction industry does exactly what it does to the peer sectors of construction ie, revamp the existing procedure of operation to address the modern pain-points and hurdles of a contractor. Sounds a little too vague right? Let’s dive deeper. Using modern construction digitization platforms like Construction ERP Software, BIM technology, IoT, and many other, contracting companies from a single unified platform can:

  • Capture tender enquiries/requests from multiple geographic locations simultaneously and generate multiple proposals against each enquiry with internal cost workings & margins. 
  • Plan LMP cost for every individual BOQs and manage indirect cost. Schedule limits for budget usage and track cash flow and utilization across multiple sites
  • Set limit to labour & subcontractor rate and quantity as per the budget. Do reconciliation for all your client and vendor invoices.
  • Manage slow & fast-moving stocks in multiple warehouses. Manage the supply chain mechanism including the logistics of the goods. 
  • Monitor machinery wise productivity, diesel consumption, idle hours and preventive & corrective maintenance protocols
  • Auto-generate balance sheets whenever required by collecting inputs from all the other modules.
  • Manage contract labours and contingent workforce and schedule camps, vehicles, and inventory effectively even from remote locations. 

In a nutshell…

Construction ERP Software Builders and Contractors India

Tactive ERP software for construction can auto-generate 120+ reports like; JCR, Variance Report, Work Done Value, Subcontractor Progress Monitor, WIP (work in progress), Client Invoice, Purchase Indent Tracking, GNR Register (goods receipt note), Stock Statements, Machinery Usage & Maintenance Log, Fuel Consumption Report, Cash flow statement and Profit & Loss and many others that provide clarity on various slippages in project schedules, cost overruns, pilferages in the utilization of resources. Take a free DEMO of  Construction Management Software & ERP to know more.

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