Construction Management Software – Advantages of Digitizing & Automating Daily Progress Report

Construction Management Software Advantages Digitizing and Automating Daily Progress Report

What is a Daily Progress Report?

The Daily Progress Report (DPR) is the document that contains the details of the day-to-day on-site activities from the commencement of a construction project to the completion of the same. It includes:

  • Planned work vs actual work done on a given day, 
  • The time elapsed to complete a task, 
  • No.of employees turned for work,
  • Wage rate as per work done,
  • Material requirements and shortages, and many other factors…

Who prepares a DPR in the ERP software?

At the site level, the preparation of the DPR is done by the site supervisor/engineer and later approved by the quantity surveyor before it is forwarded to the Regional Planning Head for the monthly audit. The Process involves the construction management software gathering inputs in real-time simultaneously from multiple sources and presenting them on a single unified platform.

The process in brief;

  • The site engineer enters the data into the construction ERP software
  • The data is transmitted instantly to the dashboard of the Quantity Surveyor
  • The QS is notified promptly. After receiving the DLR, it is sent to the Planning Head

All the mentioned workflows are digital and hence are recorded to enhance clarity in the operations and transparency. The DPR is important to analyse the course of action and make educated speculation on the trajectory of the project. 

Advantage of digitized DPR over Excel made DPR:

  • Little to no error in the data input value
  • Quick and secure transmission of data
  • Role-based approvals and verifications 
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • They allow you to demonstrate your progress.
  • They help the client understand your process.

The daily progress reports are all about meeting quality and managing risks. When daily reporting is made mandatory, you’ll reduce unplanned costs, lower safety risks, and complete your projects on time with a higher profit. 

Establish better Customer-Contractor relationship with the Daily Progress Report

The DLR comes in handy in explaining to the customers the reasons for delays if any, the justification for the escalated cost than what was initially promised with well-documented proof of the work done. 

What goes into construction ERP software for the generation of the DPR?

  • Project information – Allows managers, clients, and other partners to see which task correlates to which report easily.
  • Labour engagement time – The number of people on the job, how long they worked, and also what they did.
  • Equipment usage – Which of the main materials were used or obtained, and which were not? 
  • Tasks in progress and tasks completed – Those tasks that are in progress e.g. brickworks 70% complete and the tasks that are finished (documented with pictures).
  • Safety observations, accidents and risks – Compute the total safe manhours form the commencement of the project to the finish, record instances of accidents and other risks. 

One other important advantage of maintaining a regular and comprehensive Daily Progress Report is that it helps in settling legal disputes in a court of law provided the DPR is duly signed by the client regularly. The Tactive construction ERP software has the provisions to e-mail the DPR to multiple stakeholders including the clients for their review and subsequent acknowledgement that can be recorded and archived for later verification and reference. 

How to enhance the services using the DPR?

Daily Reporting construction ERP softwareOne of the aims of publishing, as in any other sector, is to learn how the business is going — and to use the knowledge to maximise future results. For example, provide manpower information in your construction management software Daily Progress Reports, such as the nature of work and hours spent. Then use this information, along with success data, to evaluate your team’s success.

Tactive Mobile Construction Project Management/ERP Software:

Take control of your construction projects by having 24/7 real-time visibility on all ongoing construction activities via Tactive construction ERP software (mobile app).

Construction Project Management SoftwareUse the app mobile app to:

  • Have enterprise-wide visibility on all projects
  • Monitor and control project performance and cost escalations
  • Track usage of Men, Machines and materials at the site
  • Transmit data/information in the real-time and secure channel to the back office
  • Control redundant effort and duplication of work and data

Using the DPR in the construction management software’s mobile app, project managers, foremen, or superintendents can use their mobile device to create a comprehensive site report, add pictures and sketches, dates, PDF annotations, etc. to enhance clarity and the overall utility of the report to make faster and better decisions.

Take a free DEMO of Tactive Construction ERP Software and find out more about digitizing and automating your construction workflow process for boosting revenue at a low cost. 

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