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All business organizations, especially the construction industry, which is a labor-intensive segment, require an efficient HR & Payroll system to employ, train, and to maintain a quality workforce to carry out their day-to-day construction activities. Any problem in the workforce or manpower will harm the operation work-flow. For uninterrupted construction activities, a reliable HR & Payroll ERP solution is mandatory to ensure timely disbursement of salary, appraisal, incentives/bonus, and other perks and benefits to employees. 

The roles and responsibilities of an HR & Payroll system extend beyond what is mentioned above. A good construction HR & Payroll solution covers A to Z aspects of a labor-intensive industry right from Recruitment to Termination of Service and beyond…


Construction HR and Payroll Management Software Process Flow

The Process Overview

Listed below are the prominent processes that the Tactive Construction ERP Module (HR & Payroll)  is going to digitize, automate, and completely revamp for improving the productivity and efficiency of the HR division of a construction company. 

  • Hiring/Head Hunting
  • Employee Details and Service Records
  • Leave Administration
  • Welfare, Perquisites, Loans
  • Payroll Management
  • Training and Development
  • Appraisals and Promotions

The need to go digital is vital for enhancing transparency, and reliability as the HR department deals with sensitive data related to finance and personal information of the employees. Now let us dive deep into every one of the construction HR processes to have a better understanding.


The Tactive Construction ERP software allows the site engineers, project heads, Regional heads, Inventory/Purchase managers, and other departmental stakeholders to raise a digital request though the HR & Payroll ERP module to the recruitment team for filling the vacancies that may arise now and then. This enables the firm to maintain equilibrium with the influx and outflux of human resources.

Tactive construction ERP – (HR & Payroll) module enables the HR managers and senior executives to: 

  • Store the resume of the candidates in a virtual database,
  • The stored resumes can be identified, and filtered as per the requirements,
  • Schedule and record the interview online for the shortlisted candidates,
  • Automate (schedule) the emailing process of the Offer letters,
  • Store and access all the legal and compliance documents in a secure server,
  • Automate the verification of the documents and issue appointment letters.

Post Recruitment

  • On-duty and Transit details
  • Manage the employee’s leaves
  • Define various Shifts and Schedules
  • Record/Monitor the Induction status
  • Integrate employee work timing with biometrics

Manage the employee’s Official and Personal information details like Bank details, Nominee, Department, Designation, Category, Shifts, Salary Revision, Promotion, etc. Manual Allowances, Deductions, Salary advance, and Reimbursements for the employees can be tracked and managed from a single screen platform. Assign Loans & AdvancesInterest, and EMI Schedules with Amendment and pre-closure options for the employee.


The Tactive Construction ERP – (HR & Payroll) Module is designed to look after the post-induction activities like training and employee skill development to give the customers the last mile advantage. Using the Tactive HR & Payroll Module, the contractor can monitor and track the progress of every employee and contract laborers. 


  • Schedule training calendars and assign trainers, study materials, lesson plans, assignments, attendance, etc.
  • Evaluate and analyze the training costs, results of the employees, etc from one shift/batch to the other to track the efficiency of training in real-time. 


In treasury management, payroll is the list of employees of some company that is entitled to receive payments as well as other work benefits and the amounts that each should receive. “Wikipedia

Tactive Construction HR & Payroll Module offers its customers a wide range of user functionalities that caters to the various needs and fulfills their demands effectively. Having all the operations done digitally enables the customers to monitor the ongoing financial transactions in real-time for effective control. 

The built-in BI (business intelligence) assists in the managerial decision making which saves time, man-hours, and reduces errors. Some unique features of this module include the simultaneous raising of the Travel and Ticketing requests for Official and Personal travels, recording the travel information of the employees, and updating the Status, Cost, Etc., for the travel. 

The prominent challenges faced by the construction industry at large have been successfully resolved by automating and digitizing the HR & Payroll processes as stated below:

  • Process salary as per employee Timesheet
  • Record salary transfer through bank transfer, cheque, cash, etc
  • Hold salary due to discrepancies in Timesheet, Bank details, etc
  • Manage the salary increment, Arrear payments, Pending Allowances, etc
  • Calculate TDS, Taxes, and other provisional components
  • Issue of the Memo, Warning, Notice, Alerts, and Remainders  
  • Define Ticket rules, Eligibility, Costs, and assign them to all employees. 

Appraisal Process

It is the process of hiking the salary of the employee as per his/her performance over a set period. The evaluation of which is done objectively and as per standard norms and procedures. Tactive construction HR & Payroll Module enables easy allocation of Key Result Area to each employee during his/her tenure. 

The employee can log in to the Tactive portal and fill up the digital self-appraisal memo as to why they think they want an appraisal or confirmation of tenure, etc. The submitted details/report/documents shall be forwarded to a reviewing authority for consideration with a special provision in the module for including comments against respective employees’ forms.  Base your appraisal closure on multi-level review and create Personal Development Plans (PDP) and approve the increments based on performances.

HR Appraisal Initiation Process

Tactive HR appraisal feedback

The appraisal process from start to end can be recorded in case the approving authority has to go back and review their decision. 

Leave Processing

Approve leave, grant or deny Permission Requests, monitor and track employee Timesheet, Attendance, and much more using Tactive Construction HR & Payroll Module. 

 Tactive Construction HR and Payroll ModuleThe application is very simple to operate yet very effective. Make a transition from maintaining a manual log of leaves and other Human Resource related approvals to a digital way of managing them to save time, minimize errors, and enhance clarity on work done. 

Exit Process

The exit process deals with formalities like the employee handing over the company resources back to the concerned HR Executive, Provident Fund settlements, Breakage or Due Pending verification, Relieving letter/Letter of Recommendation, etc. When done manually these activities are prone to cause confusion and waste time. 

Tactive construction ERP – HR & Payroll Module addresses these issues with a digital solution. Integrating the existing practices with Tactive enables the end-user to:

  • Generate a Checklist for the employees before initiating the exit process (Asset Handover, No due certificate, Accounts clearance, etc.,)
  • Generate the Final settlement process (Salary, Loan, Allowances, Deductions, Encashment, Gratuity, Arrears, recovery, etc.,)
  • Record the Final / Exit interview details for further review and record the comments from the employee
  • Deactivate Employee’s, ID cards, Email ids, Security clearances, etc.

The Module in a Nutshell…


Construction HR Payroll Management Software ModuleTactive offers end-to-end digital coverage for all the HR & Payroll activities for the customers to seamlessly manage their workforce. It has been found from self-experience, and the feedback shared from our customers, that implementing the construction HR & Payroll module increases the speed of the workforce-related operations by up to 3.5X saving avoiding errors and wastage of time. 

The module is available in a mobile app version for increased accessibility and real-time monitoring far away from the work location. Tactive is built by experts from the construction sector with more than 6 decades of experience in many strategic and non-strategic civil infrastructure projects.

If you aren’t a user of Tactive Construction ERP – HR & Payroll Module already, try a quick free for HR & Payroll Module DEMO to see our experts explain how your business stands to benefit from us

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